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Adventure 4

  • Session 4 Cliff notes:
  • Party fled from the Shrine of Wakeen
  • They have with them a little girl that they found in the crypts below the shrine.
  • They flee to Galxim’s shop
  • Galxim and Mekarth both look over the girl but cannot figure out why she was being held or why the wizard Elich seems to want her
  • The party tries to figure out what to do with the girl
  • Mekarth proposes that they take her to the Brightcave Orphanage
  • He has a friend there that he says is trustworth
  • The party all feels that leaving the girl in an orphanage is too dangerous
  • The party heads to the academy to try and seek assistance from one of Lena’s contacts Andris Volanti
  • Come morning there are now new patrols on the streets of waterdeep that are hassling magic users and confiscating magical wares
  • Some of the party is stoped by guards.
  • They guards take Lena’s spellbook and she becomes irrationally upset, but keeps her emotions hidden
  • Lena and Fae Charm one of the guards and Fae gains a new suiter names Jago
  • There are extra guards governing the entry to the magical academy
  • The party sends Fae into to try and see if they can get ahold of Andris Volanti
  • Fae being from a small town is awe-struck by the grand library of the academy
  • Fae is directed to the main “help” desk
  • Fae informs the clerk that she has important information to share with Andris Volanti
  • Fae learns that Andris Volanti is the headmaster of the academy and that as one of the proment magic users in Waterdeep he is busy trying to sort out what is going on and why there are anti-magic blockades throughout the city.
  • Andris’s inbox is completely full, but Fae pleads with the clerk and he makes a show of placing a note from Fae into the already jampacked second overflow inbox for Andris.
  • Fae attempts to leave but ends up getting lost in the library
    After wandering around for a while Fae notices that she is being followed
  • Fae confronts the unknown follower
  • Talya Frost a wizard studying at the academy tells Fae that her concerns and potential information may be more appreciated at Blackstaff tower
  • Fae makes her way out of the academy and meets back up with the party
  • They collectively head to Blackstaff Tower
    there is a Magical energy field that is keeping city guards at bay that extends out a complete city block in all directions surrounding the tower.
  • The party passes through and heads into the tower together
    inside they make there way up to the main desk and demand to she the head of Blackstaff Tower.
  • They learn that Vajara Safahr, The Lady Blackstaff is not taking visitors unannounced
  • The party tries to persuade the clerk but are simply informed that they may write there message to Vajara into a magical book
  • “If she is interested in what you write, she will send for you.”
    they party write that they have information regarding the attack at the Shrine of Wakeen
  • The clerk instructs the party to wait in the atrium
  • A short time passes but before long a robed wizard tells them that * Vajara would like to see them and provides them with a magical password for the magical stairway in the grand entrance hall
  • The party meets Vajara Safahr in her private chamber high up in Blackstaff Tower
  • They show here the letter that Gregory recovered from the Elich’s desk in the crypts below the Shrine of Wakeen.
  • They inform Vajara that the little girl “Zee” was also found there
  • Vajara Safahr attemps to see if there is anything magially strange about the girl but cannot detect anyting out of the ordinary
  • The party asks if they can the leave Zee with lady Blackstaff for safe keeping
  • They attempt to get Zee to tell them more but can only get small tidbits about the death of Zee’s family though heavy sobs
  • Getting tired of Zee refusing to communicate much needed informaing with the party Vajara offers to use magic to get the child to talk
  • After getting the approval of the party Vajara attempts to magically force Zee to tell them her story in full
  • Vajara baffled looks up to the party and informs them that the spell seems to have no effect what soever… “Well at last we have found something interesting about you”
  • Vajara then accepts to keep the girl in Blackstaff Tower
  • The party agrees, but Laurafine (mildly threateningly) tells Vajara that she wants to be able to see Zee whenever she wants
  • Vajara informs the party that Zee will have to be held somewhere deep within that is not easily accessed and that communication with the girl would take considerable effort
  • With Zee in a just plain silly amount of tears, Vajara calls in two assistants to escort Zee away
  • Zee clings to Lauraine and Dal but knowing they have much mork ahead they pry her hands off
  • Lady Blackstaff tells the party that she is thankfull for their assistance and they she is please to help them in their mission to stop Elich
  • She tells them that she will come up with a list of people that she feels could fit the bill of the letter recovered and that she would like to give each of them some gear to help them in their Quest
  • “As you leave my armory will find you some new equipment and magically enchant anything that you currently have to be undetectable to the blockades that are seizing magical goods”
  • The party also leaves one of their Rockie-talkies with her so they they can communicate any findings or set up a time to see Zee in the future

This is the letter Patrick recovered from the top drawer of Elich’s desk in the Hidden Sept of Bhaal.

It was sealed with a wax seal with the mark or Bhaal on it.



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