Critical Failure

It's not a bathroom!

Dal’s perspective.

Seems I’ve been saddled with this group of civilians and tasked to investigate some intel related to the people who attacked the inn and the guard post. Should have discussed pay, babysitting a bunch of greenies isn’t what I planned to do when I woke up yesterday.

We make our way to a church where some members of the Black Mask had been sighted. Some noble seems to have drunkenly offered his money to whoever can get past the guards into the vip section. Seized the opportunity to further investigate the church. Only one guard in the back

Hidden passageway led to a secret area, presumably related to the Black Mask. Stupidly triggered a trap, next time will make sure Hedwig has scanned dubious areas ahead of me. Strange man performing a ritual on a little girl, apparently alerted the wizard to our presence when we disrupted his ritual.

We took the girl and the strange man with us in an attempt to flee the church. Wizard showed up, while terrible at singing the entertainer appears to be apt in the arcane arts. Combat ensued, that crazy woman damn near took off my head instead of the wizards, if I’m going to be saddled with her I need to teach her some basics of how to handled her weaponry.

We fled the church through a stained glass window and the little girl damn near choked me out as I ran through the street with her in my arms. Based on what the wizard was screaming I’m concerned about why this girl was sequestered away.


I don’t like being forced to work with people who lie as easily as they breathe, but it appears I have no choice. Most of the group has yet to even give me a name, and I’m not sure I’d believe them even if they did. Fae is honest enough, though seemingly lost as to how she can help or control herself. It is unfortunate that we all now have to stick together, but after the ‘changing of the guard’ last night, there are few options available. Even now I cringe thinking that I must journey on and place my faith in these band of misguided and sometimes foul persons.

I suppose investigation of a temple to Joaquin shouldn’t have been too hard, but I think our group was doomed from the start. The six of us can rarely agree on the color of the sky, I don’t know how we managed to infiltrate that church.

Guiding Fae was simple enough, she has a sharp mind and watchful eyes, so telling her to mimic my actions proved correct. Her lovely smile and graceful movement were easy enough to pass off as someone of higher breeding and we were able to slip into the, shall we say, more prominent section of worshipers. She also is a kind spirit and smiled and chatted with everyone around her, and though she lost focus on the task at hand, I’m sure she made quite a few friends with the nobility present.

Everything seemed to be going swimmingly until that brash sneak-thief barged his way into the upper section. That he was soon followed by the fighter, the armored wench, and that face changer did not bode well. They seemed hell bent on convincing the guard that they were in dire need of a bathroom and caused quite the ruckus by the door. After some shouting and fighting between the nobility and the more common folk over a promise of gold, the church’s leader came out to lecture the people, I used that as my chance to slip through the door where the rest of the group had disappeared, Fae following me closely.

The guard was subdued easily enough and ,after he was disrobed, he was also found with another one of those crude black masks. I was wary of traveling down the dark passageway but as I had no wish to be left behind I followed the group. As our band descended we came upon some traps and could hear the distant cries of a girl, only adding to my already wound nerves. Upon investigating the room we found a little girl seated on the floor while some sort of magic user chanted strange words that I could not understand. Fae, the caring soul that she is, burst through this ritual and attempted to carry the girl away. It was odd but the girl seemed unwilling to go with her, that’s when the large fighter snatched her up and we all frantically raced back out of the basement.

The he showed up again – the Hunter – the magic wielder that nearly killed me the last time we faced off against him. After the roguish man foolishly raced at him, and apparently fainted from fright, I channeled all of my anger and fear into a spell I know cripples magic users by taking away their ability to speak or hear. It did little to slow him up and I soon found myself faced with about a dozen angry nobles – all out for blood. By the grace of some god I was able to keep myself out of harm’s way whilst trying to find some means of escaping this place, others were not so lucky. The illusionist fell twice to the attackers, and myself being unable to leave suffering souls behind, revived her as best I was able. This proved to be a smart move on my part as she and a few others were able to smash through a stained glass window and our means of escape.

The armored female was nearly the death of me. The wench foolishly tried to get the magic user who had been guarding the girl to follow us out of the temple, inciting the wrath of the Hunter. I thought he was going to attack me but thankfully he turned at last minute and his fury was unleashed in another direction. The spell hit the poor man the woman had been calling too – breaking and twisting him before it consumed him – I know I will have nightmares for many days to come…


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