Critical Failure

OMG! So many names!

Adventure 5

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Adventure Summary:

  • Anti-detection & New Gear
    • +Magic Protection Corset, Blackstaff Platemail, Fancy Lockpicks & Lockpicking for Dummies book, Ring of Spell Holding, Amulet to channel Wild Magic
  • Several letters full of names NPC’s
    • So many names
    • Dal and Gregory obviusly think Talya is the lead suspect
    • Conversation with Mekarth
    • The Mercenaries are called “The White Knights”
  • Investigate the White Knights headquarters
    • Setting up a date with Jago
    • I want my heirloom back. I can’t quite remember what it looks like…
  • Date Night
    • Getting ready for Date Knight (Aka Bend and Snap)
    • Jogo and his friends
  • Checking in on Galxim
  • Tickets to the Opera
  • Vajara calls back on the Rocki’talkies
    • Appointment to see Zee
  • Dal gets fancy new pants.
  • Everyone gets ready for the opera.

Both Mekarth and Vajara have provided the group a list of names that would fit the requirements of the letter recovered in the crypts.

Mekarth’s List


Vajara’s List



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