Critical Failure

Seeking Truth

Adventure 16

The guards at podenkirks door shout for podenkirk to give them instruction.

After Hiding Podenkirks body the party decides to have Lena put on podenkirks belongings and assume his identity via magic.

The party opens the door and Lena in the guise of Podenkirk orders his guards to go out and catch attackers that fled out of his window.
There is some confusion as to what the rest of the people are doing in his room and what is going on, but Lena and Gregory convince them to do as they are told and obey orders. The two guards run off and a third person comes forward.

Torture… He asks Podenkirk if he would like him to help escort the unconscious ex-guard to be tortured for information. Lena tells him they she and these new peopel will handle it and Torture become suspicious. As they pass him he pulls down Runa’s cowl and attempts to alert Podenkirk (Lena) and the rest of the guards that there si still danger.

He openly attempts to attack he but the party quickly turns on him. He attempts to flee from the party running pack into Podenkirks room but Runa quickly catches him. He begs for mercy and attempts to offer what he knows in exchange for his life, but Runa ignores his pleas and kills him on the spot.

The party quickly makes there way back the way they came and leaves the house through the secret entrance back into the sewers. Form there they become a bit lost without 76’s assistance in navigating the labyrinth like sewers.

Lena removes the disguise, and returns Podenkirk’s items to Laurfine for safe keeping.

The Partys decides to just use what ever exit to the sewer they can find.

They exit a few blocks south of Podenkirk’s Mansion and get a room at the Salty Seal.

The Runa and Anders get their own room and the rest of the party splits boy and girls into two other rooms.

Lena Attempts to use a new spell she is learning on Fay, Remove Curse. She places her hand on her and concentrates deeply on the spell. Lena’s eyes roll back and the room goes cold…

Instantly Lena finds herself in darkness, this time in the darkness she sees Fay in front of her, Little Zee, and a woman on her Knees as Lena looks at her a blue stone begins orbiting her head and then the vision ends.

Also… Fay is no longer blue =)

Lena tells the party about the vision she had.

Everyone goes to sleep.

In the morning Runa wakes up to find Anders missing. Somewhat worried about being betrayed again she darts off into the other rooms to see if he is with everyone else.

Larafine realizes that the Bag of holding containing Podnkirk’s belonging has been taken. Lena confirms that it was most likely Anders that took it because she faintly remembers him coming into the room in the middle of the night.

Laurafine is pissed.

Runa is pissed.

Well everyone is pissed…

Laurafine threatens to kill Anders if she sees him again.

Runa decides to see if she can get her hands on him first. She seperates from the party, but agrees to take 76 to a proper healing facility so that the party can head out to meet up with Vostar.

The party Heads off to the White Knight Headquarters.

Security in the city has been raised and the anti-magic policies are in full force.

Upon arriving at the White Knight Headquarters Vostar is summoned and meets them in a room of from the main hall where he confronts them with somewhat accusatory questions regarding the murder of Podenkirk.

The party is fairly convincing and for the most part gets Vostar to believe that they were not responsible. He asks for there assistance in trying to figure out who is. HE also asks if they can try to get any information from his two prisoners, the crazed mage that attacked their headquarters and Andris Volante the headmaster of the Magic Academy, who the crazed wizard claims sent him to kill Vostar.

The party agrees on both accounts.

The start by interviewing Andris. They convince Vostar to wait outside of the room by telling them that his presence may discourage any helpful participation by those being questioned.

They party begins to question Andris. Andris simultaneously holds two conversations with the party one out loud and one telepathically with Lena.

He telepathically greets her and then tells her that dispel magic may be helpful with the other person they need to question. Lena also ask Andris about her recient visions.

He noticeably concentrates for a moment and the visions she had when attempting to dispell the blueness from Fey. Telepathically Andris tells Lena that “This is old magic” but that he does not know it’s purpose.

Deciding that they do not need to question Andris further they move on the to would be magic attacker.

He is being held in the same room that Runa was heald in and there seems to be the same sort of torture prepared and already used on this wizard.

Vostar informs the party that he has not deviated from his story but will not also tell him anything else.

The party once again convinces Vostar to leave them alone to question the prisoner and he agrees to wait outside the room.

The party questions the mage, and he tells them that Andris sent him to kill Vostar! The party test to see if there is magic on him and finds that there is. Lena uses her magic to remove any spells affecting him. After this she become groggy and confused. He claims to not know where he is or remember anything.

The party continues to question him and through a combination of triggering memories and convincing hime that they are his only chance at not being executed in the morning. he slowly reveals that he was actually working with Podenkirk.

That the last thing he remembered was being in a carriage. That Podenkirk became hostile with him, and they he attempted to defend himself by casting Mind Control on Podenkirk.. but he can only assume that somehow the spell was reflected back at him.

He tires to convince the party to remove his restraints so that he may escape (via magic) but the party refuses, believing that this is the magic user that forced Runa to torture herself.

They inform Vostar that the wizard is not working for Andris but is actually working for Podenkirk. The accusation rekindles Vostar’s mistrust of the party momentarily. But agrees that if Runa can be located and is willing to testify/identify this man as working for Podenkirk that would be enough to convince him of Andris’s innocence.

He again asks the party to help with investigating Podenkirks house agreeing to let them join his forces already at his mansion looking for clues.

They agree but tell him that they need to look into something first. Laurafine convinces him to give the party a degree of immunity to the guards and checkpoints in the city so that their assistance in protecting Waterdeep ins not hindered by his own forces. Vostar Agrees and entrust the party with a seal of the White Knights. A golden disk with their insignia on it that would tell any other white knights that they should be treated as allies.

I forget how the party learns that the Mansion form Lena’s vision is in the area surrounding the City of the Dead…___

The party heads off to Mekarth’s and Galxim’s

Galxim gambles with Fay for a sample of her wild magic. Fay wins in the gamble and gets to keep a bottled sample of her wild magic. This one is a ghostly version of a melody…

Galxim also gives the party a healing potion that magically refills each morning.

He also identifies the Dagger that Gregory looted off of Jessir (the vampire assassin)

At Mekarth’s the party runs into Malgo who has taken on the form of a human using some sort of magical mask that his grandfather has given him so that he may venture out of the house.

Malgo begs for the party to let him join them as he is bored and tired of being stuck up in the house without doing/fighting anything.

The party agrees and together they head off to find the mansion from Lena’s vision where the believe the leader of the thieves guild is being held.

After a short while of driving around the area where the mansion was supposed to be, Lena recognizes the house. Gregory sneaks into the house. He finds that someone is using the basement and the rest of the party follows his lead.

Down in the basement they find a robed woman chanting in a room with magical markings on the floor and walls. Gregory knocks the woman unconscious. he drags he back to the rest of the party and they tie her up. Gregory sneaks back down the hallway and comes to a larger rooms with branching hallways at the farside. Inside two men wearing matching sets of armor, Green with the symbol of an arc and three people above it. tending to various things in the room.

Gregory heads back to the rest of the party and tells them what he has seen.

They decide to disguise Lena as the old woman and see if she can get the other two to divulge information…

She takes the form of the woman and takes her place in the room with the magical markings.

she calls out for the other two men. After a short moment they come to her location.

They excitedly ask her what she wants and if she has found anything new.

Not sure what so say Lena just kinds tells them that it was a false alarm and lets them go back to what they were doing…

Unsure of how to get the information that they need from these people Gregory moves ahead of the party back in tot he larger room where the two men are and comes out of hiding…

He tries to convince them that he is “checking in on their progress”

The two men become defensive and pull out their weapons.

The rest of the party joins Gregory and they attempt to talk the two men out of fighting using a combination of diplomacy and magic.

they successfully de-escalate things and get the two men to put away their weapons.

They head back to Lena still in disguise and the two men urge her to see if Fay is what they are looking for…

Lena pretends to divine and answer and tells them that she is not sure/maybe because she is not sure of what that actually means.

The party and the people agree that if the party is interested in helping/joining their order that they should meet again. but in a place that is not their secret base…

The party agrees and they agree to let the party and Lena (still disguised as one of them) figure out the details while the two men go about their business.

The party with Lena head back to the first smaller room where they decide what to do. They come up with about a thousand ideas… but then decide to just go back and attack the others.

Gregory sneaks in and attempt so knock one of them out, but is unsuccessful in doing so. Combat breaks out to Malgo’s glee and the party fights the two men.

The party manages to knock one unconscious and Fay accidentally burns the other to death.




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