Critical Failure

Strangers in the Dark

Adventure 8

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Adventure Summary:

Following the Scream in the Dark, the party located a withered corpse of a Blackstaff mage. Vajara Tells the party that if left alone the deceased will rise again as a cursed Spector under the control of the wraith.

Dal ignites the body, dark black smoke and the putrid smell of rotting flesh fills the air.

Vajara thanks Dal for doing that as the deceased was a long staff member of the tower and friend of hers.

A deep hollow voice that’s sound scratches at them like chalk on a chalk-board begins laughing and utters something in an incomprehensible language.

Soon after a dark ghostly figure appears down the poorly lit hallway. His monstrous silhouette only barely distinguishable against the dark smoke that as filled the top of the hallway.

The group fight the Wrath and 5 Specters in the depths of Blackstaff Tower.

Lady Blackstaff engaged the Wraith, attempting to bind it in place and together with the help of the party they were able to slay it.

However, the Wraith’s last attack on Dal before dying, was successful in leeching away a large portions of Dal’s life force, leaving him weak.

Atfter the Wraith died, the remaining Specter disappeared into the walls and fled in the direction where Lil’Zee was being held.

The group entered the dark room to recover Zee

After killing 2 more Specter’s, the light in the room brightens and they see one last Spector hovering just over Zee.

With the help of Lady Blackstaff’s Staff and channeled energies, Lorafine was able to use a spell generally designed to trap humanoids on the undead Specter.

Lady Blackstaff captured it in a Ghostbuster’esk containment vial.

The party wanted to awaken Zee. But Vajara refused to do so within Blackstaff Tower.

Given the choice to leave Zee at Blackstaff in “different, less comfortable” living quarters, or to keep the girl with the party, The choice was made to take Zee.

Zee was left under the sleeping spell. And the party was given a parchment with a dispel.

The Party was then Teleported to a location near Galxim’s Shop.

Using their staff key the party entered Galxim’s Shop via the backdoor. Inside they heard muffled agitated voices coming from the shops showroom area. They cracked opened the door to hear Galxim’s Yelling at a guard that was confiscating all of his merchandise.

The party Decided they were not in any condition to engage and quickly left the shop.

They return to the Safe House and put Zee down on the couch to sleep.

Dal goes to rest and Lena keeps watch over the girl.

Lorafine heads out to meet with Olietta Menna.

She hails down an “Uber C” and heads off to the Temple of Lathander.

Olietta greets her and takes her up to her private quarters. Inside Olietta has started putting together what cluses she has to solve who could be behind the assassination attempt on Laeral Silverhand.

On the board of suspects is Elich Blackblade, Malgo Horne and two other members of the old City Watch whose names you don’t recognize aside from their rank/title.

Lorafine begins asking a few questions of her own with what information she has:

What do you know about Candy?

Olietta has a puzzled look cross her face.
Why would you ask that?
Well because the last thing Learal said before going unconscious was, Why Candy?…

Oh well I don’t know…

Ok well what about…

Lorafine goes on to question Olietta a bit more in regards to other names that you have on the lists.

After Conversing a while Lorafine does a check to see how truthful she feels Olietta has been with her… At this point she gets the strange feeling that Olietta has not been completely honest with her.

Lorafine tells Olietta that Malgo Horne should probably not be on her list of suspects. When Olietta asks her why, she tells her that she witnessed him fighting with Elich on the night of the Assassination of the City Guard.

This news is surprising to Olietta, but the extra bit of trust that sharing this information showed leads Olietta tell you that she is worried about someone that may be connected.

She tells you that a merchant friend of hers, Oran Verala has gone missing and that she suspects foul play/involvement from the Assassin’s Guild.
When you ask her why, she hesitates, but then goes on to tell you that Oran is one of the leaders of the Thieves guild and with how the Assassins have been framing the Thieves Guild by wearing the false Black Masks, the disappearance may be related.

Lorafine agrees to look into the matter and the two say goodbye to each other.

Back at the Safehouse, Lena notices that Lil’Zee having a particularly strong nightmare. She attempts to comfort the sleeping child with soft words and a soothing touch. It is unsuccessful so she resorts to magic. Lena places her hand on Zee’s shoulder concentrates and casts a spell the see into the mind of Zee.

At the moment she casts the spell her spine stiffens, her head shoots back and her eyes turn white. Freezing air emanates from around Lena and Zee.

Lena finds herself in the center of a dark swirling vortex, her hand still touching the shoulder of Zee who is sitting on the ground, violently sobbing while rocking back and forth, tightly holding her legs to her chest.

Around them all manners of demonic creatures taunt them with terrifying gestures and sounds. A dark soul crushing laughter and demonic chanting fills the air.

Lena feels a surge of energy flow though her and instantly she finds herself in pitch black nothingness. When she looks down she sees Zee illuminated in the darkness and sleeping. (still seemingly in a nightmare)

She then looks out and sees other figures illuminated in the darkness, but their distances seem impossible to determine.

The figure that seems closest is a Halfling woman in her late thirties wearing a simple dress, she has tears in her eyes, and if Lena had to guess seems to be chained to a wall.
Elsewhere in the darkness, another figure, heavily robed and talking with some invisible person or persons. His appearance matches those of travellers you have seen from the Al-Qadim region of the Faerûn.

Another figure in some sort of tribal garb seems to be sleeping.

There is a young man wearing the typical clothing of a privileged well off youth from anywhere along the Sword Coast.

You can also make out 4 other heavily blurred and dimly lit figures.
Of those, one is seemingly upright and bobbing up and down as if on a ship or riding in a carriage. The other three are little more than blurs and seem farther away then anything else you see.

Dal awakens. Freezing. He makes his way downstairs, and finds Lena all “worged out” holding firmly onto Zees shoulder in the center of a growing ring of frost.
She Grabs her and shakes her . Lena’s visions stop and she finds herself once again in the living room of the Safehouse.

We have to wake her up. What her Sleep is plagued with terrible visions. We can’t leave her like this.

Dal gives her the Dispel from Vajara and they proceed to read it.

Zee’s nightmare seems to stop but she remains asleep. Dal moves closer and wakes her up gently. Her eyes slowly blink open, tears fill her eyes as she sees dal and she reaches out and hugs him tightly.


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