Critical Failure

The Curtain Rises

Adventure 6

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Adventure Summary:

  • Runa gets her groove back.
    • Last minute primping with Lorafine
  • Carriages arrive
    • The party splits:
      • Group 1: Runa, Ambrelle and Gregory come up with secret identities…
      • Group 2: Dal, Fae and Lorafine just keep Fae calm.
  • Arrive at the opera
  • Taken to your seats
  • Drinkin’ Dwarven Ale at the opera like a boss.
  • Svalbard ’s lovely escort catches the parties eye.
    • The escort chats up another woman
    • Lorfine trys to join their conversation but is directed to the bathroom
    • Runa moves in on Svalbard
    • Joins their table for dinner and is invited to sit with them in the front row
    • Talya returns
  • Then another woman arrives with two armored guards
    • Who’s this b*tch? (Uh, it’s Learal Silverhand)
  • Dinner is Served
    • Runa swears she has seen one of the waiters before, but can put her finger on it
  • Light information gathering… The escorts name is Talya and the lady with the guards is Learal Silverhand (The open Lord of Waterdeep)
  • Countess Cerulean and her wife Gizzette arrive for meet and greet before the performance
    • Cillia Cerulean is saddened to hear of Lorafine’s injury
    • Gizzette gets catty
      **Cilla and Gizzette do a private performance for the dinner guests
  • The opera will begin in 15 minutes time
    • Last call for free drinks…
      *The party is seated and the performance begins, Those seated on the mezzanine watch from above
  • Svalbard excuses himself
    • Gregory goes to investigate
    • Svalbard is trying to use the bathroom backstage, but is being stopped by a theater attendant
    • Gregory tries to argue for Sval but isn’t getting anywhere
    • Runa goes to see if Sval is ok
    • Exits to Gregory and Sval being forcibly escorted away from the stage door by one of Learal ’s Guards.
    • As The theater attendant tells Svalbard, “I swear to you, it is not a bathroom!” and Runa remembers this young man to be the same person keeping guard of the secret passageway in the Shrine of Wakeen. HE realizes that his cover is blown an ducks behind the door as the party is escorted away .
    • Runa tells Gregory and he goes to inform the party as Runa heads to the other stage door to find the unknown man.
      Lorafine uses the Tarnished Gem of Seeing and notices someone creaping around in the rafters
    • YOUR MOTHER IS A COW!!” Lorafine attempts to Viscous Mock the creaper, but the performance is too loud
  • Well… Fire?
    • Fae is urged to let loose a fire spell and does so, setting the Curtain ablaze
    • YOUR MOTHER IS STILL A COW!” Larafine yells at the target right as he fires a blowdart into the audience
  • Wow… Backstage is dark. Runa wanders around blindly armed with the legs of a broken stool after knocking into a cast member
  • The party runs downstairs as most guests flee the opera house
    • Fae stays behind to keep a good vantage on the action and be ready if more trouble arrives.
  • Well I can’t dance anyways… Lorafine Vaults over the railing of the mezzanine and crushes a chair, only lightly injuring her self
  • Learal you don’t look so good…
  • Lorafine and Olietta Menna try to save Learal
    • No answer on the Rockie’talkies
  • The assassin attempts to escape
    • Runa can’t see, but when the assassin tries to excuse him self past her in the dark, she grabs him
    • Gregory knocks him from befind
    • The woozy assassin slips out of Runa’s grasp and attempts to wobble away
    • Dal summons his sword and knocks the assassin out with the flat of his blade
    • The assassin id restrained and searched
    • Runa finds a Black Mask, a Blowdart and 2 unused Unknown Poison Filled Darts in a Leather Pouch.
  • The party Agrees to help escort Learal to Castle Waterdeep.

( I think that is everything)


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