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Uninvited Guests

Adventure 9

Adventure 9

Lorafine returns to the Safehouse to see a shadowy robed figure crawling out of her upstairs window.
She runs inside and yells, There was someone in my room!”
Dal goes upstairs and searches Lorafine’s room. Under her pillow he finds a wax sealed note and brings it downstairs.
Lorafine opens it in front of the rest of the group.


Everyone is somewhat disturbed that someone was able to locate their Safehouse.

They make Zee a giant plate of bacon

Lena and Dal Explain why they awakened Zee without Lorafine and Lorafine tells them about her meeting with Olietta.
Zee downs her whole plate of bacon and gets sleepy.

Dal goes to sleep upstairs, Lena and Lorafine Crash downstairs with Zee on the couches. The party completes a long rest.

Lil’Zee wakes up Dal early in the morning… “ I’m hungry”

Dal and Zee finish cooking what is left of the food in the house. Zee delivers breakfast to Lorafine and begins munching on her bacon.

They discuss their plans for the day.

Mekarth arrives and Greets them in the living room.
They catch each other up on recent activities.
After this, Mekarth tells them that he has something big to tell them.

I am a Masked Lord of Waterdeep.
There will be a meeting of the lords on two days to discuss, most importantly, what to do about Learal’s seat as Open Lord while she is unconscious.
I would like one of you to act as my emissary. I never go myself. my stature as a Dragonkin would be to identifiable. I will talk with you all about my viewpoints and how I would like you to vote on my behalf. Most importanly, I have procured means to follow any one lord out of the chamber. This magic is supposed to be impossible, but i have spent a fortune to find a way to do this. I should warn you though it is untested and to my knowledge never been done before. It may go horribly wrong.
I believe that you could maybe use the meeting and the ability to follow a lord from the chamber to help solve some of the many questions we all have.

Even with the warning the party accepts. He thanks them, and reiterates. I can only send one of you. You must decide who you will send. I will talk with you more tomorrow, for now I must return to city hall.

Mekarth Leaves.

The party orders and “Uber C” and head off to Galxim’s. As they approach Galxim’s they see that the shop is empty and their is a notice on the door indicated that it has been closed until further notice.

They proceed to the back door and use their key. once inside they hear muffled voices and crack open the door. Inside Galxim is talking with two well dressed shoppers. He greets them.

They ask him to speak privately so he leads them to the upstairs room with couches. Inside they inform him that someone broke into their house and ask if he has anything to help keep the house protected. He shows them a series of small figures. He tells them that they will present a life sized version of themselves in they even that someone comes within 15 feet of them without speaking a password. They pick the figure the resembles a dog. He also gives them a small bar can be place in windows/doors/hallways that if crossed provides a light-med electrical shock.

They also ask if he has anything that can help change the appearance of Zee. He presents them with a hat that he says can provide a light appearance changing enchantment on the wearer and the hat it’s self.

What color do you want your hair to be, the party asks Zee. I like my color, It’s just like my mothers was… and she begins to cry.
They comfort her and tell her that it is just an enchantment, that her hair is not really changing colors. She tells them pink. They look between themselves.

Galxim places the hat on her head and Activates the enchantment. Her hair becomes bright pink tightly curled ringlets. the hat it’s self transforms into a lovely ring white of flowers. Zee becomes enamored with her reflection in a mirror that Galxim hands her.

They ask Galxim about Oran. He tells them that she is a popular merchant among the less well off citizens of Waterdeep. But that he doesn’t know her personally or her whereabouts.

Lastly they ask Galxim for healing potions. He gives each of them one greater healing potion.

They go to the the Merchant’s Quarter in the poor area of Waterdeep. More and more shops seem to be shut down.

They reach the merchants district where Oran’s shop is located.
They inspect Oran’s Shop. Nothing seems out of the ordinary, but they notice someone watching them…

They approach him and once they do he moves in and engages them in conversation…
“What are you doing around Oran’s shop?” ,the stranger asks.
“We are looking for Oran, we were sent here by a friend of hers is worried about her.”
“Well, she hasn’t shown up to open her shop in two days, Everyone is worried that something bad has happened. I don’t think she is home, but maybe you can find some clues where she lives, she hasn’t answered the door for anyone though and her place is locked up tight.. .”

He tells them where her apartment is and they head off to investigate.

Lena notices a small bit thieves cant hidden in the decoration of one of the wooden beams of Oran’s Kart, and writes it down.

The house is locked; the party tries to look in the windows and doesn’t see anything
They make their way around back and Lorafine goes to try and break in through the window. Dal attempts to stop her, but before he can, Lorafine expertly pops open the lock with a small dagger. She looks at him smugly and crawls inside.

Once inside, she quickly looks around. There are signs of a struggle. Lorafine goes to the front door to unlock it for the rest of the party.
The party comes in and shuts up the front door and curtains. They begin searching for clues in the main room.
Behind a loose rock in the interior of the fireplace they locate a small-reinforced wooden chest with a small silver lock.

Lorafine tries to open the lock and receives a small shock.

They pocket the chest and go on to search the middle room of the house. As they enter Lena senses a strange magic and hears breathing close in front of her. Not knowing what to do she pauses for a moment.

A bolt of fire goes zipping by them and hits the wall outside the door. This catches Dal’s attention who was still in the main room with Zee and he rushes forward to investigate.

Lena and Lorafine feel an invisible presence run past them. They begin to chase it out of the room and down the hallway. Lorafine casts a spell to immobilize the fleeing creature. In the living room a paralyzed Tiefling wearing ragged clothing materializes and the strong putrid smell of death and decay fills the air. The party proceeds to beat the Tiefling unconscious. During the fight Lena asks it what it is dong there and is quickly presented flashes: a dead body, blood, a wooden floor, fire. They successfully knock it out. They take Zee out of the horrid smelling house and begin searching for the source of the smell.

In the back of the center bedroom they see a dead body that has started to rot. They close it off in the center room and the stench becomes manageable. In the living room the Tiefling regains consciousness. The party tries to question it but it doesn’t answer them. They order it to answer their questions, and it opens it’s mouth to reveal that it has had it’s tongue removed.

They give it a quill and parchment, but it indicates that it cannot write.

Lena casts a spell to force the Tiefling to answer their questions.

Who do you work for?
Lena receives a flash of a symbol of three human figures standing on a curved surface with a series of curved lines arcing over them.

Where is the Girl that lived her?
More flashes; shackles, a wet stone wall, a stone hallway with a staircase leading up, a mansion.

From this point on the Tiefling refuses to answer any more questions.

The party tries to decide what to do with the Tiefling. They ask him if he will tell it’s master about them. but it doesn’t give them an answer. Lena tells the party… Well he can’t tell them anything… HE can’t talk. Dal looks at her for a moment. She mentally facepalms… Oh yeah telepathy.

Lorafine goes on to search the rest of the house. Starting in the back bedroom, she finds a Ledger hidden inside the mattress written completely in thieves cant. She then goes on to search the room with the dead body. On the body it’s self she finds a small metal key. She then take out her Damaged Gem of Seeing and looks around the room for anything hidden from her.

One of the drawers in the small dresser located just past the body has a light glow when looked at through the gem. Lorafine pulls out the drawer and receives a small electrical zap. There is nothing inside. Looking closer, she reaches into the whole where the drawer used to be and finds a recessed space behind the drawer above the one she removed. She pulls out a Black Mask this one however is much more intricately designed than the two the have found before. This one also has a small triangle with three horizontal slashes running through it drawn in red ink on the interior of the right cheek.


She puts the drawer back and begins to leave the room.

Before doing so she puts on the mask and sneaks out of the room.
Zee spots her and looks frightened, so Lorafine pulls the mask aside, she winks and motions for her to be quiet. She proceeds to sneak up on Dal and Lena

Uga Boooga!

As a reaction, Lena fires a fireball at the Lena. The fireball strikes her hard and singes the cloth section of the mask. Lorafine removes the mask and heals herself.

They pull the small chest they found in the fireplace back out and use the small key found on the corpse to open the lock.
Inside they find; 150g, a number of gems and jewelry and a small note.


The party decides that the Tiefling cannot be left alive so Dal remains behind to “take care of things”.
After the rest of the party has exited he pulls out his sword knocks the Tiefling unconscious and then proceeds to behead the Tiefling. Dal grabs the collar from the freshly severed neck and puts it in his satchel.

The party Returns to Galxim to ask him about the note found in Lorafine’s room and the metal collar that Dal took from the decapitated Tiefling.

Galxim explains that the Spell/trinket found in the note is a Teleportation spell, and that it is rather expensive magic.

As to the collar, he tells the party that it is a slave collar. One used by slave owners to keep slaves from disobeying or running away. Removal of the collar would equal certain death. The party asks if he has any idea who the slave could belong to. Galxim tells them that unfortunately there are many within waterdeep that keep slaves. It is looked down on by many but not illegal by any means.


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