Critical Failure

Using the Backdoor

Adventure 15

-Jessir is defeated

Ander’s Sunstone’s keyword ins Runa

The party Stays at the Bloody Bed sheet.

Anders tells the party his plan to recruit “Soldier 76” to go kill Podenkirk. He gives them two reasons, first podenkirk has items that could be helpful in defeating Elich. Two… F*CK that guy!

The party agrees and they head of to convince S76 to join up.

Soldier 76 agrees to join the party and tells them that he knows an unprotected secret passageway into Podenkirks mansion.

While 76 prepares the party heads to Skullports warf district to shop and look for a way to de-blue’ify Fay.

The party attempts to buy a potion or remove curse for Fay from an old wizard/owl. he sells it to them for the price of a ruby ring they looted from Oran’s house.

Fay drinks the potion but the Blue skin does not fade away.

The party Returns to Soldier 76’s house and they head off to the Golden Goblin’s passage way to Waterdeep proper.

The party check in with Hester via the iStone and is informed that there has been attack on the White Knight Headquarters by a crazed wizard claiming to be working for Lena’s contact at the Academy of magical arts.

Vostar has summoned them.

The party ignores the summons and heads out to kill Podenkirk

76 leads the party through the sewers where the Dal is almost eaten by a Gelatinous Cube and then a giant Albino Aligator.

They use their magical key (that the looted off of the dead body in Oran’s house) to open the magical lock protecting the secret entrance to podenkirk’s mansion.

The party sneaks through the house knocking out the kitchen staff and then takes a side staircase upstairs and then bypasses the guards that are guarding the main entryway and stair case.

The party catches Podenkirk off guard, but begins a dificult battle against the toughened brawler. 76 if nearly killed in the battle, but saved by Laurafine’s healing spells. After the party kills podenkirk, they strip the body of all belongings and search the room.

Once the sounds of battle have stopped the guards from outside begin calling out trying to see what Podenkirk wants them to do…



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