Critical Failure


Adventure 2


Dal’s perspective of the events.

Taken in by the city guard to give my account of the events at the inn. Locked in a room with a group of idiots bickering. Sounds of a battle taking place outside prompted me into action. Broke down the door and engaged a group of poorly prepared combatants. Crazy woman battered me in the head with her shield, where the hell did she learn to fight.

Head of the city guard attacked the lot of us who had been brought in for questioning. A fan of fire later half of them were on the ground, hell of a way to go but I don’t have time to deal with them. Followed the dragonkin in pursuit of the wizard.

Dragonkin says the wizard was after something being kept in the dungeon, whatever it was is gone now. He escorts me and the mostly dead group of civilians to his grand fathers estate. Nice place, maybe I can find some work here, looks like he could pay well.

Out the window the city seems to be in a state of chaos, power struggle within the city? I’d say I need a home with more stability but the chaos of struggle helps keep me employed.

Fae’s Journal

Its morning now and I’m more tired than I’ve ever felt in my life.  It turns out that Lorafine’s off-key singing didn’t have anything to do with nerves.  I spent half the night just lying there, wide awake with my eyes closed, hoping she’d stop singing me to “sleep”.  I didn’t have the heart to tell her she was terrible and there was nothing lulling about her lullabies.  Apparently she used to be a famous dancer but hurt her hip a while back.   She missed being on stage too much though, so now she sings.  I’m sure she’ll get better … with some practice … maybe a lot of practice.  That’s really all beside the point however.
I still can’t quite believe the day I had.  After we left the inn the huge dragon man, whose name was Malgo, led us through the streets of Waterdeep.  I tried my best not to gawk – not that I think anyone has a doubt that I don’t belong here.  I’m swiftly learning just how small my little pond was and that the ocean is much bigger than I ever imagined.  So to distract myself I tried helping the woman who seemed to have had one too many drinks.  With all the crazy things that had happened so far it was sort of nice to do something that I was good at.  People got too drunk at the Swinging Sword all the time and she seemed to be sobering up a bit already, nothing that a soothing word and a piece of crumblecake couldn’t cure. 
It took nearly twenty minutes to reach the guard house and the whole time we never ran out of city to walk through.  I bet it would take half a day to walk from one side of Waterdeep to the other.  The guard house looked like a castle, huge stones stacked atop one another and a giant door, but Lorafine said there was a whole other building somewhere that was the actual Castle Waterdeep and that it was much bigger.  If someone had told me that back home I might had thought they were pulling my leg but at this point I’m willing to believe anything.  Plus, I don’t see any reason she would lie about that. 

They led us upstairs to a smaller room with a round table and started asking questions.  I don’t think that part went as well as they were hoping.  Everyone had something different to say and I could see Malgo getting frustrated and I was pretty sure he was not the sort of person you wanted to see angry so I tried to stay mostly quiet.  And then one of the guards came flying through the wall.  The stone wall.  He just crashed through it and the stone’s fell like building blocks  and his body lay limp like a dolls. 
Everyone started running out into the hall but I rushed to check on the fallen guard.  His breathing was shallow and there was blood everywhere and most of his body seemed to be sprawled out in ways only possible if the bones were broken.  I didn’t know what to do so I tried to give him some water and he swallowed once and then started choking.  I look around for help but everyone else was busy fighting off a slew of men in black masks.  When I turned back to the guard he choked again and then his chest was still.  I scrambled back from him and tried to convince myself that his death wasn’t my fault. I mean, I didn’t throw him through a stone wall. I still can’t shake the feeling though if it had been someone else there … maybe he’d still be alive. The heroes in the stories never just let people die.

The handsome man, Gregory, who always seems to do a lot of talking was hiding behind the overturned table. Which was exactly the sort of thing I wanted to do but I remembered Lorafine grabbing my hand back at the inn and realized if I ever wanted to be more than a barmaid from Red Larch then I had to be the one to choose to stand and fight. It was as though I had flipped a switch and suddenly I could feel energy prickling at my fingers and toes. I tried to direct it towards hurting the men in masks that had killed that guard and so many others. But I barely had a chance before the man who had been with Malgo, who had fought alongside us all at the inn suddenly turned. Fire shot out from his fingertips and there was nowhere to escape. It licked at my clothing and skin. I could feel the heat but my mind hadn’t caught up with what was happening yet. I felt myself crumpling to the ground and just as every nerve started screaming out in pain I slipped away.

Waking up wasn’t pleasant. The pain was unlike anything I’d experienced before and it was everything I could do to try and shut out the worst of it. Lorafine and the warrior woman, whose name I still hadn’t caught, were injured as well and the rest were gone. I stumbled to my unsteady feet and unsure what to do I followed after the other two woman. Walking down stairs when your body is screaming for rest is not a pleasant experience. We found the rest of the party in the basement where Malgo told us we were all in danger but they he knew of a path through the sewers and a place we could go to get help. I feel like if it had been any other time a trip through the sewers would have been unpleasant all on their own but I didn’t care anymore where we went or what it was like. I just knew I needed to stop. I kept telling myself, “One more step. One more step” over and over until finally there really was only one more step.

We emerged into the most beautiful home I’d ever seen. I was pretty sure that this had to be Castle Waterdeep, with elaborate chandeliers and silk curtains. But Malgo explained that it was his grandfathers house and Lorafine said Castle Waterdeep was much bigger and I decided I was too tired to care. There was a lot of talking that I only half heard before I was finally escorted upstairs to have people see to my wounds and to be ‘lulled’ to sleep by Lorafine’s singing.

And now it’s morning and I’m more tired than I’ve ever felt in my life. But I’m on an adventure. A real adventure. We’re about to leave for some magic store and there’s going to be disguises and secret missions … and I just keep thinking at some point everyone is going to realize that I have no idea what I’m doing and have no business being here but until then … who knows what will happen?


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