Critical Failure

It's not a bathroom!

Dal’s perspective.

Seems I’ve been saddled with this group of civilians and tasked to investigate some intel related to the people who attacked the inn and the guard post. Should have discussed pay, babysitting a bunch of greenies isn’t what I planned to do when I woke up yesterday.

We make our way to a church where some members of the Black Mask had been sighted. Some noble seems to have drunkenly offered his money to whoever can get past the guards into the vip section. Seized the opportunity to further investigate the church. Only one guard in the back

Hidden passageway led to a secret area, presumably related to the Black Mask. Stupidly triggered a trap, next time will make sure Hedwig has scanned dubious areas ahead of me. Strange man performing a ritual on a little girl, apparently alerted the wizard to our presence when we disrupted his ritual.

We took the girl and the strange man with us in an attempt to flee the church. Wizard showed up, while terrible at singing the entertainer appears to be apt in the arcane arts. Combat ensued, that crazy woman damn near took off my head instead of the wizards, if I’m going to be saddled with her I need to teach her some basics of how to handled her weaponry.

We fled the church through a stained glass window and the little girl damn near choked me out as I ran through the street with her in my arms. Based on what the wizard was screaming I’m concerned about why this girl was sequestered away.


I don’t like being forced to work with people who lie as easily as they breathe, but it appears I have no choice. Most of the group has yet to even give me a name, and I’m not sure I’d believe them even if they did. Fae is honest enough, though seemingly lost as to how she can help or control herself. It is unfortunate that we all now have to stick together, but after the ‘changing of the guard’ last night, there are few options available. Even now I cringe thinking that I must journey on and place my faith in these band of misguided and sometimes foul persons.

I suppose investigation of a temple to Joaquin shouldn’t have been too hard, but I think our group was doomed from the start. The six of us can rarely agree on the color of the sky, I don’t know how we managed to infiltrate that church.

Guiding Fae was simple enough, she has a sharp mind and watchful eyes, so telling her to mimic my actions proved correct. Her lovely smile and graceful movement were easy enough to pass off as someone of higher breeding and we were able to slip into the, shall we say, more prominent section of worshipers. She also is a kind spirit and smiled and chatted with everyone around her, and though she lost focus on the task at hand, I’m sure she made quite a few friends with the nobility present.

Everything seemed to be going swimmingly until that brash sneak-thief barged his way into the upper section. That he was soon followed by the fighter, the armored wench, and that face changer did not bode well. They seemed hell bent on convincing the guard that they were in dire need of a bathroom and caused quite the ruckus by the door. After some shouting and fighting between the nobility and the more common folk over a promise of gold, the church’s leader came out to lecture the people, I used that as my chance to slip through the door where the rest of the group had disappeared, Fae following me closely.

The guard was subdued easily enough and ,after he was disrobed, he was also found with another one of those crude black masks. I was wary of traveling down the dark passageway but as I had no wish to be left behind I followed the group. As our band descended we came upon some traps and could hear the distant cries of a girl, only adding to my already wound nerves. Upon investigating the room we found a little girl seated on the floor while some sort of magic user chanted strange words that I could not understand. Fae, the caring soul that she is, burst through this ritual and attempted to carry the girl away. It was odd but the girl seemed unwilling to go with her, that’s when the large fighter snatched her up and we all frantically raced back out of the basement.

The he showed up again – the Hunter – the magic wielder that nearly killed me the last time we faced off against him. After the roguish man foolishly raced at him, and apparently fainted from fright, I channeled all of my anger and fear into a spell I know cripples magic users by taking away their ability to speak or hear. It did little to slow him up and I soon found myself faced with about a dozen angry nobles – all out for blood. By the grace of some god I was able to keep myself out of harm’s way whilst trying to find some means of escaping this place, others were not so lucky. The illusionist fell twice to the attackers, and myself being unable to leave suffering souls behind, revived her as best I was able. This proved to be a smart move on my part as she and a few others were able to smash through a stained glass window and our means of escape.

The armored female was nearly the death of me. The wench foolishly tried to get the magic user who had been guarding the girl to follow us out of the temple, inciting the wrath of the Hunter. I thought he was going to attack me but thankfully he turned at last minute and his fury was unleashed in another direction. The spell hit the poor man the woman had been calling too – breaking and twisting him before it consumed him – I know I will have nightmares for many days to come…

An abnormal amount of bacon
Adventure 4
  • Session 4 Cliff notes:
  • Party fled from the Shrine of Wakeen
  • They have with them a little girl that they found in the crypts below the shrine.
  • They flee to Galxim’s shop
  • Galxim and Mekarth both look over the girl but cannot figure out why she was being held or why the wizard Elich seems to want her
  • The party tries to figure out what to do with the girl
  • Mekarth proposes that they take her to the Brightcave Orphanage
  • He has a friend there that he says is trustworth
  • The party all feels that leaving the girl in an orphanage is too dangerous
  • The party heads to the academy to try and seek assistance from one of Lena’s contacts Andris Volanti
  • Come morning there are now new patrols on the streets of waterdeep that are hassling magic users and confiscating magical wares
  • Some of the party is stoped by guards.
  • They guards take Lena’s spellbook and she becomes irrationally upset, but keeps her emotions hidden
  • Lena and Fae Charm one of the guards and Fae gains a new suiter names Jago
  • There are extra guards governing the entry to the magical academy
  • The party sends Fae into to try and see if they can get ahold of Andris Volanti
  • Fae being from a small town is awe-struck by the grand library of the academy
  • Fae is directed to the main “help” desk
  • Fae informs the clerk that she has important information to share with Andris Volanti
  • Fae learns that Andris Volanti is the headmaster of the academy and that as one of the proment magic users in Waterdeep he is busy trying to sort out what is going on and why there are anti-magic blockades throughout the city.
  • Andris’s inbox is completely full, but Fae pleads with the clerk and he makes a show of placing a note from Fae into the already jampacked second overflow inbox for Andris.
  • Fae attempts to leave but ends up getting lost in the library
    After wandering around for a while Fae notices that she is being followed
  • Fae confronts the unknown follower
  • Talya Frost a wizard studying at the academy tells Fae that her concerns and potential information may be more appreciated at Blackstaff tower
  • Fae makes her way out of the academy and meets back up with the party
  • They collectively head to Blackstaff Tower
    there is a Magical energy field that is keeping city guards at bay that extends out a complete city block in all directions surrounding the tower.
  • The party passes through and heads into the tower together
    inside they make there way up to the main desk and demand to she the head of Blackstaff Tower.
  • They learn that Vajara Safahr, The Lady Blackstaff is not taking visitors unannounced
  • The party tries to persuade the clerk but are simply informed that they may write there message to Vajara into a magical book
  • “If she is interested in what you write, she will send for you.”
    they party write that they have information regarding the attack at the Shrine of Wakeen
  • The clerk instructs the party to wait in the atrium
  • A short time passes but before long a robed wizard tells them that * Vajara would like to see them and provides them with a magical password for the magical stairway in the grand entrance hall
  • The party meets Vajara Safahr in her private chamber high up in Blackstaff Tower
  • They show here the letter that Gregory recovered from the Elich’s desk in the crypts below the Shrine of Wakeen.
  • They inform Vajara that the little girl “Zee” was also found there
  • Vajara Safahr attemps to see if there is anything magially strange about the girl but cannot detect anyting out of the ordinary
  • The party asks if they can the leave Zee with lady Blackstaff for safe keeping
  • They attempt to get Zee to tell them more but can only get small tidbits about the death of Zee’s family though heavy sobs
  • Getting tired of Zee refusing to communicate much needed informaing with the party Vajara offers to use magic to get the child to talk
  • After getting the approval of the party Vajara attempts to magically force Zee to tell them her story in full
  • Vajara baffled looks up to the party and informs them that the spell seems to have no effect what soever… “Well at last we have found something interesting about you”
  • Vajara then accepts to keep the girl in Blackstaff Tower
  • The party agrees, but Laurafine (mildly threateningly) tells Vajara that she wants to be able to see Zee whenever she wants
  • Vajara informs the party that Zee will have to be held somewhere deep within that is not easily accessed and that communication with the girl would take considerable effort
  • With Zee in a just plain silly amount of tears, Vajara calls in two assistants to escort Zee away
  • Zee clings to Lauraine and Dal but knowing they have much mork ahead they pry her hands off
  • Lady Blackstaff tells the party that she is thankfull for their assistance and they she is please to help them in their mission to stop Elich
  • She tells them that she will come up with a list of people that she feels could fit the bill of the letter recovered and that she would like to give each of them some gear to help them in their Quest
  • “As you leave my armory will find you some new equipment and magically enchant anything that you currently have to be undetectable to the blockades that are seizing magical goods”
  • The party also leaves one of their Rockie-talkies with her so they they can communicate any findings or set up a time to see Zee in the future

This is the letter Patrick recovered from the top drawer of Elich’s desk in the Hidden Sept of Bhaal.

It was sealed with a wax seal with the mark or Bhaal on it.


OMG! So many names!
Adventure 5

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Adventure Summary:

  • Anti-detection & New Gear
    • +Magic Protection Corset, Blackstaff Platemail, Fancy Lockpicks & Lockpicking for Dummies book, Ring of Spell Holding, Amulet to channel Wild Magic
  • Several letters full of names NPC’s
    • So many names
    • Dal and Gregory obviusly think Talya is the lead suspect
    • Conversation with Mekarth
    • The Mercenaries are called “The White Knights”
  • Investigate the White Knights headquarters
    • Setting up a date with Jago
    • I want my heirloom back. I can’t quite remember what it looks like…
  • Date Night
    • Getting ready for Date Knight (Aka Bend and Snap)
    • Jogo and his friends
  • Checking in on Galxim
  • Tickets to the Opera
  • Vajara calls back on the Rocki’talkies
    • Appointment to see Zee
  • Dal gets fancy new pants.
  • Everyone gets ready for the opera.

Both Mekarth and Vajara have provided the group a list of names that would fit the requirements of the letter recovered in the crypts.

Mekarth’s List


Vajara’s List


The Curtain Rises
Adventure 6

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Adventure Summary:

  • Runa gets her groove back.
    • Last minute primping with Lorafine
  • Carriages arrive
    • The party splits:
      • Group 1: Runa, Ambrelle and Gregory come up with secret identities…
      • Group 2: Dal, Fae and Lorafine just keep Fae calm.
  • Arrive at the opera
  • Taken to your seats
  • Drinkin’ Dwarven Ale at the opera like a boss.
  • Svalbard ’s lovely escort catches the parties eye.
    • The escort chats up another woman
    • Lorfine trys to join their conversation but is directed to the bathroom
    • Runa moves in on Svalbard
    • Joins their table for dinner and is invited to sit with them in the front row
    • Talya returns
  • Then another woman arrives with two armored guards
    • Who’s this b*tch? (Uh, it’s Learal Silverhand)
  • Dinner is Served
    • Runa swears she has seen one of the waiters before, but can put her finger on it
  • Light information gathering… The escorts name is Talya and the lady with the guards is Learal Silverhand (The open Lord of Waterdeep)
  • Countess Cerulean and her wife Gizzette arrive for meet and greet before the performance
    • Cillia Cerulean is saddened to hear of Lorafine’s injury
    • Gizzette gets catty
      **Cilla and Gizzette do a private performance for the dinner guests
  • The opera will begin in 15 minutes time
    • Last call for free drinks…
      *The party is seated and the performance begins, Those seated on the mezzanine watch from above
  • Svalbard excuses himself
    • Gregory goes to investigate
    • Svalbard is trying to use the bathroom backstage, but is being stopped by a theater attendant
    • Gregory tries to argue for Sval but isn’t getting anywhere
    • Runa goes to see if Sval is ok
    • Exits to Gregory and Sval being forcibly escorted away from the stage door by one of Learal ’s Guards.
    • As The theater attendant tells Svalbard, “I swear to you, it is not a bathroom!” and Runa remembers this young man to be the same person keeping guard of the secret passageway in the Shrine of Wakeen. HE realizes that his cover is blown an ducks behind the door as the party is escorted away .
    • Runa tells Gregory and he goes to inform the party as Runa heads to the other stage door to find the unknown man.
      Lorafine uses the Tarnished Gem of Seeing and notices someone creaping around in the rafters
    • YOUR MOTHER IS A COW!!” Lorafine attempts to Viscous Mock the creaper, but the performance is too loud
  • Well… Fire?
    • Fae is urged to let loose a fire spell and does so, setting the Curtain ablaze
    • YOUR MOTHER IS STILL A COW!” Larafine yells at the target right as he fires a blowdart into the audience
  • Wow… Backstage is dark. Runa wanders around blindly armed with the legs of a broken stool after knocking into a cast member
  • The party runs downstairs as most guests flee the opera house
    • Fae stays behind to keep a good vantage on the action and be ready if more trouble arrives.
  • Well I can’t dance anyways… Lorafine Vaults over the railing of the mezzanine and crushes a chair, only lightly injuring her self
  • Learal you don’t look so good…
  • Lorafine and Olietta Menna try to save Learal
    • No answer on the Rockie’talkies
  • The assassin attempts to escape
    • Runa can’t see, but when the assassin tries to excuse him self past her in the dark, she grabs him
    • Gregory knocks him from befind
    • The woozy assassin slips out of Runa’s grasp and attempts to wobble away
    • Dal summons his sword and knocks the assassin out with the flat of his blade
    • The assassin id restrained and searched
    • Runa finds a Black Mask, a Blowdart and 2 unused Unknown Poison Filled Darts in a Leather Pouch.
  • The party Agrees to help escort Learal to Castle Waterdeep.

( I think that is everything)

The Scream in the Dark
Adventure 7

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Adventure Summary:

  • The party is separated in the pandemonium surrounding Learal escort to Castle Waterdeep


  • Lorafine’s is in the carriage with the incapacitated Learal Silverhand
    • Lorafine, Olietta Menna, and two others work to keep her alive

Ambrell & Dal

  • Are part of the escort for the Assassin
  • They are momentarily stopped at the gates of Waterdeep Castle by guards, but are told to be let through by a White Knight by the name of Rotherford
    *Upon arriving at the guard station of Castle Waterdeep, they are instructed to go to go wait in an upstairs holding room until the guards can “awaken” the assassin for questioning
    • This is the same room that Malgo took the party for witness statements
    • There are two other White Knights in the room
    • The Wall had been repaired
  • Ambrell and Dal listen to the other two White Knights and plan their own line of questioning for the assassin
    • They don’t seem to know much and only seem interested in getting back out on the streets to keep the peace
  • Just under 5 minutes pass and a heavily ornamented White Knight enters the room and instructs everyone to follow him
    • The two guards salute and follow
  • Down in the basement the assassin is beaten to a pulp and chained to the wall
    • Ambrell & Dal are told that the guards have been unable to get any information from the assassin and that they may have a go at him
  • The assassin taunts them and Spits blood in their direction
  • Time for some Bad Cop/Good Cop?
    • Ambrell moves forward to begin interrogating him.
    • Pulls out a dagger and firmly presses it to the assassin’s arm
    • “Well I guess she’s bad cop…”
    • Pain does not seem to motivate the assassin to divulge any information
  • They discuss how to proceed…
    • If you’re trying to bore the information out of me, it wont work
    • Ambrell turns to magic and casts Suggestion on the Assassin
    • Basically forcing him to cooperate with the questioning
  • Who do you work for?
    • A look of dread crosses his face as Ambrell’s spell forces him to utter the name Blackblade (Elich)
    • His free hand flies to his face and he digs two fingers into his cheek and begins tearing the flesh away
      “Oh, this is going to be pretty…”
  • Who does Elich work for?
    • The assassin squirms and tells the party that he doesn’t know
    • He drives his index finger into his eye socket and begins trying to tear his head apart
    • Dal moves in and restrains his free arm
  • Why does Elich want the girl?
    • He pulls against the shackles and begins cracking his head agains the stone wall behind him… She is very important to him
    • Ahhh… I don’t know why!
    • He begins thrusting his head back even harder…
    • His words become sporadic
    • Elich. Crack! Supposed to. Crack! Girl. Crack! Deliver. Crack! His own purpose. Crack!
    • With this final crack his skull shatters, his neck stiffens for a moment, then his head falls forward revealing what looks like a bowl of bone and gore
      *Ambrell & Dal Turn to the other people in the room
    • The commander is looking on at them half covered in shadow and one of the soldiers in tending to the other who is vomiting in the corner of the room.
  • Why Wasn’t his arm restrained?
  • The man Introduces himself as Commander Vostar Von Varis
  • Thanks them for their assistance in getting the assassin to cooperate
  • Tells them that the White Knights will take over from here
    • Dal questions their ability to protect the city in light of Learal being attacked under their guard
    • Vostar informs Dal that it was against his wishes that Learal attend the opera without White Knight Security and that after tonights events his orders would more likely be obeyed
    • He asks their names and where they can be reached should any further assistance be required
    • They give their names and tell him that they are staying at the Goldshire Inn
  • Vostar Leaves


  • They move Learal to her bed and attempt to stabilize her
  • An alchemical workbench has been set up in her room
    • There two unnamed characters instantly go to the workbench and begin trying to test samples of the mucous that covers Learal’s skin
    • They wish they had some of the poison to study
    • Lorafine gives them the Dart with a small amount of the poison left in it
  • Oletta and Lorfine attempt additional healing spells on Learal
    • The poisons effects seem to be too strong and instantly reclaim any areas that are treated
  • Oletta thanks Lorafine for helping to save Learal
    • She asks Lorafine is she would be interested in helping her uncover who is responsible
    • Lorafine says yes and they arrange to meet up at Oletta’s Temple late the following evening
  • Olletta informs the room that she cannot do anything further for her here, and that she wishes to return to her temple to seek divine aid in restoring Learal
    • She leaves
  • Lorafine talks with the Alchemists
  • They ask her to attempt healing spells so that they can take samples of the mucus and observe its reactions to the effects of magical healing
    • They share samples with Lorafine
    • 3 small viles, wax sealed
      *A high ranking White Knight enters the room and asks to be brought up to speed on Learal’s condition
    • Lorafine and the Alchemists do their best to inform him of everything they have learned
    • One of the Alchemists presents a test tube to the room and states, “I have put the last drop of the poison from the dart in here and the results are worrisome. There seems to be extra-planer properties to the poison”
    • She swirls the test tube and the clear’ish liquid begins to turn black, the test tube glass begins to corrode/ frost over and then shatters
  • It is like nothing we have ever seen before
  • Well what should I tell the Public?
  • Lorfine tells him that he should tell the truth, He says that the public does not do well with unknowns, and that he would tell him as much as possible, while still offering them some sort of reassurance that things are under control
    • Lorafine and the officer have a few heated words and he commands her (intimidatingly) to know when to hold her tongue
    • He thanks them for their assistance and leaves that room as Lorafine attempts to get in the last word

Ambrell & Dal

  • When heading out to leave the interrogation chamber Ambrell recognizes the vomiting guard (not that he has removed his helmet)
  • Niles?
    • Niles realizes that Ambrell (under a false name) is there and attempts to regain composure
    • Niles tells the group that seeing such devastating uses of magic is difficult after his near death experience
    • He asks how the group is and is told he can reach the group at the Goldshire Inn
      *Niles and his fellow guard, Nicholas Preston Cunningham IV
    • They head out to be better use in the city streets
  • The Janitor arrives to clean up the vomit an the mutilated assassin corpse
  • Ambrell & Dal chat for a moment and then go to leave


  • Seeks to head out and rejoin her party
    • Alchemists thank her for her assistance and ask for her name and where she can be reached
    • She gives them the address of Galxim’s Shop
    • They tell her their latest findings about the poison
    • It seems to be tied strongly to the Shadow Plane
  • Lorafine asks for an escort to where the assassin was taken so that she can meet back up with her party
  • The guards summon her an escort and she is led to the Guard tower

*Lorafine is lead to the Interrogation chamber just as Ambrell & Dal are heading out

  • They begin to recount what has happened to each other
  • They ask if the other party member have been seen
    • Nope
  • They stop at Tavern
    • Listen to Patrons
    • Rumors of the nights events are everywhere
    • Dark Wizards are at fault, the last of the old City Guard attacked, an Opera Ghost, etc
  • The feeling the party gets is that only those that are very anti-magic are glad that Learal was attack
  • They leave the tavern
  • Decide to stop by Galxim’s on the way home
    • Lorafine uses the backdoor key and enters the shop
    • Calls out for Galxim, no response
    • Attemps to go upstairs but is stopped by Galxim’s security system
    • She leaves
  • They get home and find Gregory
    • He headed back to the Safe House when he lost the party
    • Runa and Fae are both missing
    • Ambrell the party she needs to head upstairs to sleep
    • Lorafine tells Gregory to Escort her to her room
    • Gregory asks if she wants company but is rejected
  • Left over crumble cake
    • Lorafine takes Ambrell some left over crumble cake, harp playing, and a few words of reassurance
    • Have you killed someone… Yes…
  • Everyone gets ready to sleep
    **Lorafine attempts to call Vajara on the Rockie-talkies
    • Gets the “Answering Machine”
    • She leaves a message that expresses her disappointment in communication and that she would be by tomorrow to see Zee
  • The party awakens
  • Still no Runa or Fae
    • Gregory is still asleep in his room
  • Mekarth sends a messenger
    • Sorry he cannot meet with you this morning, doing what he can at City Hall after the offical announcement of Learals attempted assassination
    • Lorafine aks the messenger to Tell Mekarth that they would like to see him late tonight if possible then shoves a silver in his hand and pushes him out the door
  • The party decides to head to Blackstaff Tower
    • They hire a carriage
    • Dal picks up a Dagger at Bron’s Blacksmithy
  • Civil Unrest
    • A small mob is gathered outside of a magic shop
    • They want it closed down
  • The magical barrier around Blackstaff tower is only just around it’s perimeter (vs the one block radius from previous visits)
    • Their are Blackstaff Guards out just inside the barrier that are monitoring admittance to those that pass the barrier and wish to enter.
  • They are instructed to the desk to relay their message to Vajara via the book that you can write messages in
    • They are told they can wait in the Park
    • They wait for a response
    • They talk to an elderly wizard sitting in the park
  • The party is about to leave when a uniformed Blackstaff Guard Approaches and informs them that their audience has been granted
  • Follow me.
    • She leads them out of the park and through a series of common areas of Blackstaff, then down to more restricted areas blocked by magical locks that she bypasses with incantations and hand gestures
    • Finally she leads the party down to an area then seems more like a bunker, clean stone walls with Magical blue lights that run from floor to ceiling. There are dark door-knobless doorways every 30 feet or so
    • After passing about 10 doorways, the woman escorting the party turns and magically unlocks the door in front of her
    • It opens to a well lit room with lavishly decorated Purple couches around the perimeter and an ornate rug on the floor
    • “Please wait in her Lady Blackstaff will be with you shortly.”
    • The party looks to one another… Uh, ok…
    • They enter the room and the door seal behind them
    • I really hope we didn’t just walk into a prison cell
    • “Well at least it’s a nice prison cell” Dal exclaims
  • Minutes pass and the party begins to worry
    • Talk about what to say
  • Runes around the doorway light up and the doorway begins to shine, Lady Blackstaff Steps out int the room through the glowing doorway
    • lady Blackstaff greets them and asks what they have been able to learn
    • Ambrell says information is a two way street.
    • Vajara agrees but insists that while that is true she asked first and finds it odd that they are unwilling to share information with her
    • Dal does his best to recount to her what they have learned
  • The party presses her for Information on Zee
    • She is reluctant but eventually tells the party that, the day after she arrived and was placed in a protective area of Blackstaff Tower creatures somehow bypassed all of the protections and killed a number of her staff.
  • More conversation
    • Lorafine goes to tell her some last minute information
    • She is cut off
    • Vajara asks if the party is interested in helping her with the problem, that she cannot guarantee their safety if they do
    • Also that she is worried about taking them somewhere dangerous as they are her main source of information outside of Blackstaff tower at the moment
    • The party tells her that other members of the party is still out there and that they want o help
    • Vajara accepts their assistance and summons the portal
    • “It will only be open for a moment. Follow me quickly or you will be left behind.”
  • They exit the portal into a cold dark hallway
    **Vajara Illuminates the area around them and speak and incantation
    • One by one Beams of light Illuminate down the hallway but seem to constantly drain and dim. There is an deep feeling of uneasiness in everyone stomach
    • somewhere down the hallways out of sight comes a scream that cuts off sharply.

I have info for Gregory, Runa, and Fae regarding their whereabouts that i will add to this page in areas just for them later.

Strangers in the Dark
Adventure 8

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Adventure Summary:

Following the Scream in the Dark, the party located a withered corpse of a Blackstaff mage. Vajara Tells the party that if left alone the deceased will rise again as a cursed Spector under the control of the wraith.

Dal ignites the body, dark black smoke and the putrid smell of rotting flesh fills the air.

Vajara thanks Dal for doing that as the deceased was a long staff member of the tower and friend of hers.

A deep hollow voice that’s sound scratches at them like chalk on a chalk-board begins laughing and utters something in an incomprehensible language.

Soon after a dark ghostly figure appears down the poorly lit hallway. His monstrous silhouette only barely distinguishable against the dark smoke that as filled the top of the hallway.

The group fight the Wrath and 5 Specters in the depths of Blackstaff Tower.

Lady Blackstaff engaged the Wraith, attempting to bind it in place and together with the help of the party they were able to slay it.

However, the Wraith’s last attack on Dal before dying, was successful in leeching away a large portions of Dal’s life force, leaving him weak.

Atfter the Wraith died, the remaining Specter disappeared into the walls and fled in the direction where Lil’Zee was being held.

The group entered the dark room to recover Zee

After killing 2 more Specter’s, the light in the room brightens and they see one last Spector hovering just over Zee.

With the help of Lady Blackstaff’s Staff and channeled energies, Lorafine was able to use a spell generally designed to trap humanoids on the undead Specter.

Lady Blackstaff captured it in a Ghostbuster’esk containment vial.

The party wanted to awaken Zee. But Vajara refused to do so within Blackstaff Tower.

Given the choice to leave Zee at Blackstaff in “different, less comfortable” living quarters, or to keep the girl with the party, The choice was made to take Zee.

Zee was left under the sleeping spell. And the party was given a parchment with a dispel.

The Party was then Teleported to a location near Galxim’s Shop.

Using their staff key the party entered Galxim’s Shop via the backdoor. Inside they heard muffled agitated voices coming from the shops showroom area. They cracked opened the door to hear Galxim’s Yelling at a guard that was confiscating all of his merchandise.

The party Decided they were not in any condition to engage and quickly left the shop.

They return to the Safe House and put Zee down on the couch to sleep.

Dal goes to rest and Lena keeps watch over the girl.

Lorafine heads out to meet with Olietta Menna.

She hails down an “Uber C” and heads off to the Temple of Lathander.

Olietta greets her and takes her up to her private quarters. Inside Olietta has started putting together what cluses she has to solve who could be behind the assassination attempt on Laeral Silverhand.

On the board of suspects is Elich Blackblade, Malgo Horne and two other members of the old City Watch whose names you don’t recognize aside from their rank/title.

Lorafine begins asking a few questions of her own with what information she has:

What do you know about Candy?

Olietta has a puzzled look cross her face.
Why would you ask that?
Well because the last thing Learal said before going unconscious was, Why Candy?…

Oh well I don’t know…

Ok well what about…

Lorafine goes on to question Olietta a bit more in regards to other names that you have on the lists.

After Conversing a while Lorafine does a check to see how truthful she feels Olietta has been with her… At this point she gets the strange feeling that Olietta has not been completely honest with her.

Lorafine tells Olietta that Malgo Horne should probably not be on her list of suspects. When Olietta asks her why, she tells her that she witnessed him fighting with Elich on the night of the Assassination of the City Guard.

This news is surprising to Olietta, but the extra bit of trust that sharing this information showed leads Olietta tell you that she is worried about someone that may be connected.

She tells you that a merchant friend of hers, Oran Verala has gone missing and that she suspects foul play/involvement from the Assassin’s Guild.
When you ask her why, she hesitates, but then goes on to tell you that Oran is one of the leaders of the Thieves guild and with how the Assassins have been framing the Thieves Guild by wearing the false Black Masks, the disappearance may be related.

Lorafine agrees to look into the matter and the two say goodbye to each other.

Back at the Safehouse, Lena notices that Lil’Zee having a particularly strong nightmare. She attempts to comfort the sleeping child with soft words and a soothing touch. It is unsuccessful so she resorts to magic. Lena places her hand on Zee’s shoulder concentrates and casts a spell the see into the mind of Zee.

At the moment she casts the spell her spine stiffens, her head shoots back and her eyes turn white. Freezing air emanates from around Lena and Zee.

Lena finds herself in the center of a dark swirling vortex, her hand still touching the shoulder of Zee who is sitting on the ground, violently sobbing while rocking back and forth, tightly holding her legs to her chest.

Around them all manners of demonic creatures taunt them with terrifying gestures and sounds. A dark soul crushing laughter and demonic chanting fills the air.

Lena feels a surge of energy flow though her and instantly she finds herself in pitch black nothingness. When she looks down she sees Zee illuminated in the darkness and sleeping. (still seemingly in a nightmare)

She then looks out and sees other figures illuminated in the darkness, but their distances seem impossible to determine.

The figure that seems closest is a Halfling woman in her late thirties wearing a simple dress, she has tears in her eyes, and if Lena had to guess seems to be chained to a wall.
Elsewhere in the darkness, another figure, heavily robed and talking with some invisible person or persons. His appearance matches those of travellers you have seen from the Al-Qadim region of the Faerûn.

Another figure in some sort of tribal garb seems to be sleeping.

There is a young man wearing the typical clothing of a privileged well off youth from anywhere along the Sword Coast.

You can also make out 4 other heavily blurred and dimly lit figures.
Of those, one is seemingly upright and bobbing up and down as if on a ship or riding in a carriage. The other three are little more than blurs and seem farther away then anything else you see.

Dal awakens. Freezing. He makes his way downstairs, and finds Lena all “worged out” holding firmly onto Zees shoulder in the center of a growing ring of frost.
She Grabs her and shakes her . Lena’s visions stop and she finds herself once again in the living room of the Safehouse.

We have to wake her up. What her Sleep is plagued with terrible visions. We can’t leave her like this.

Dal gives her the Dispel from Vajara and they proceed to read it.

Zee’s nightmare seems to stop but she remains asleep. Dal moves closer and wakes her up gently. Her eyes slowly blink open, tears fill her eyes as she sees dal and she reaches out and hugs him tightly.

Uninvited Guests
Adventure 9

Adventure 9

Lorafine returns to the Safehouse to see a shadowy robed figure crawling out of her upstairs window.
She runs inside and yells, There was someone in my room!”
Dal goes upstairs and searches Lorafine’s room. Under her pillow he finds a wax sealed note and brings it downstairs.
Lorafine opens it in front of the rest of the group.


Everyone is somewhat disturbed that someone was able to locate their Safehouse.

They make Zee a giant plate of bacon

Lena and Dal Explain why they awakened Zee without Lorafine and Lorafine tells them about her meeting with Olietta.
Zee downs her whole plate of bacon and gets sleepy.

Dal goes to sleep upstairs, Lena and Lorafine Crash downstairs with Zee on the couches. The party completes a long rest.

Lil’Zee wakes up Dal early in the morning… “ I’m hungry”

Dal and Zee finish cooking what is left of the food in the house. Zee delivers breakfast to Lorafine and begins munching on her bacon.

They discuss their plans for the day.

Mekarth arrives and Greets them in the living room.
They catch each other up on recent activities.
After this, Mekarth tells them that he has something big to tell them.

I am a Masked Lord of Waterdeep.
There will be a meeting of the lords on two days to discuss, most importantly, what to do about Learal’s seat as Open Lord while she is unconscious.
I would like one of you to act as my emissary. I never go myself. my stature as a Dragonkin would be to identifiable. I will talk with you all about my viewpoints and how I would like you to vote on my behalf. Most importanly, I have procured means to follow any one lord out of the chamber. This magic is supposed to be impossible, but i have spent a fortune to find a way to do this. I should warn you though it is untested and to my knowledge never been done before. It may go horribly wrong.
I believe that you could maybe use the meeting and the ability to follow a lord from the chamber to help solve some of the many questions we all have.

Even with the warning the party accepts. He thanks them, and reiterates. I can only send one of you. You must decide who you will send. I will talk with you more tomorrow, for now I must return to city hall.

Mekarth Leaves.

The party orders and “Uber C” and head off to Galxim’s. As they approach Galxim’s they see that the shop is empty and their is a notice on the door indicated that it has been closed until further notice.

They proceed to the back door and use their key. once inside they hear muffled voices and crack open the door. Inside Galxim is talking with two well dressed shoppers. He greets them.

They ask him to speak privately so he leads them to the upstairs room with couches. Inside they inform him that someone broke into their house and ask if he has anything to help keep the house protected. He shows them a series of small figures. He tells them that they will present a life sized version of themselves in they even that someone comes within 15 feet of them without speaking a password. They pick the figure the resembles a dog. He also gives them a small bar can be place in windows/doors/hallways that if crossed provides a light-med electrical shock.

They also ask if he has anything that can help change the appearance of Zee. He presents them with a hat that he says can provide a light appearance changing enchantment on the wearer and the hat it’s self.

What color do you want your hair to be, the party asks Zee. I like my color, It’s just like my mothers was… and she begins to cry.
They comfort her and tell her that it is just an enchantment, that her hair is not really changing colors. She tells them pink. They look between themselves.

Galxim places the hat on her head and Activates the enchantment. Her hair becomes bright pink tightly curled ringlets. the hat it’s self transforms into a lovely ring white of flowers. Zee becomes enamored with her reflection in a mirror that Galxim hands her.

They ask Galxim about Oran. He tells them that she is a popular merchant among the less well off citizens of Waterdeep. But that he doesn’t know her personally or her whereabouts.

Lastly they ask Galxim for healing potions. He gives each of them one greater healing potion.

They go to the the Merchant’s Quarter in the poor area of Waterdeep. More and more shops seem to be shut down.

They reach the merchants district where Oran’s shop is located.
They inspect Oran’s Shop. Nothing seems out of the ordinary, but they notice someone watching them…

They approach him and once they do he moves in and engages them in conversation…
“What are you doing around Oran’s shop?” ,the stranger asks.
“We are looking for Oran, we were sent here by a friend of hers is worried about her.”
“Well, she hasn’t shown up to open her shop in two days, Everyone is worried that something bad has happened. I don’t think she is home, but maybe you can find some clues where she lives, she hasn’t answered the door for anyone though and her place is locked up tight.. .”

He tells them where her apartment is and they head off to investigate.

Lena notices a small bit thieves cant hidden in the decoration of one of the wooden beams of Oran’s Kart, and writes it down.

The house is locked; the party tries to look in the windows and doesn’t see anything
They make their way around back and Lorafine goes to try and break in through the window. Dal attempts to stop her, but before he can, Lorafine expertly pops open the lock with a small dagger. She looks at him smugly and crawls inside.

Once inside, she quickly looks around. There are signs of a struggle. Lorafine goes to the front door to unlock it for the rest of the party.
The party comes in and shuts up the front door and curtains. They begin searching for clues in the main room.
Behind a loose rock in the interior of the fireplace they locate a small-reinforced wooden chest with a small silver lock.

Lorafine tries to open the lock and receives a small shock.

They pocket the chest and go on to search the middle room of the house. As they enter Lena senses a strange magic and hears breathing close in front of her. Not knowing what to do she pauses for a moment.

A bolt of fire goes zipping by them and hits the wall outside the door. This catches Dal’s attention who was still in the main room with Zee and he rushes forward to investigate.

Lena and Lorafine feel an invisible presence run past them. They begin to chase it out of the room and down the hallway. Lorafine casts a spell to immobilize the fleeing creature. In the living room a paralyzed Tiefling wearing ragged clothing materializes and the strong putrid smell of death and decay fills the air. The party proceeds to beat the Tiefling unconscious. During the fight Lena asks it what it is dong there and is quickly presented flashes: a dead body, blood, a wooden floor, fire. They successfully knock it out. They take Zee out of the horrid smelling house and begin searching for the source of the smell.

In the back of the center bedroom they see a dead body that has started to rot. They close it off in the center room and the stench becomes manageable. In the living room the Tiefling regains consciousness. The party tries to question it but it doesn’t answer them. They order it to answer their questions, and it opens it’s mouth to reveal that it has had it’s tongue removed.

They give it a quill and parchment, but it indicates that it cannot write.

Lena casts a spell to force the Tiefling to answer their questions.

Who do you work for?
Lena receives a flash of a symbol of three human figures standing on a curved surface with a series of curved lines arcing over them.

Where is the Girl that lived her?
More flashes; shackles, a wet stone wall, a stone hallway with a staircase leading up, a mansion.

From this point on the Tiefling refuses to answer any more questions.

The party tries to decide what to do with the Tiefling. They ask him if he will tell it’s master about them. but it doesn’t give them an answer. Lena tells the party… Well he can’t tell them anything… HE can’t talk. Dal looks at her for a moment. She mentally facepalms… Oh yeah telepathy.

Lorafine goes on to search the rest of the house. Starting in the back bedroom, she finds a Ledger hidden inside the mattress written completely in thieves cant. She then goes on to search the room with the dead body. On the body it’s self she finds a small metal key. She then take out her Damaged Gem of Seeing and looks around the room for anything hidden from her.

One of the drawers in the small dresser located just past the body has a light glow when looked at through the gem. Lorafine pulls out the drawer and receives a small electrical zap. There is nothing inside. Looking closer, she reaches into the whole where the drawer used to be and finds a recessed space behind the drawer above the one she removed. She pulls out a Black Mask this one however is much more intricately designed than the two the have found before. This one also has a small triangle with three horizontal slashes running through it drawn in red ink on the interior of the right cheek.


She puts the drawer back and begins to leave the room.

Before doing so she puts on the mask and sneaks out of the room.
Zee spots her and looks frightened, so Lorafine pulls the mask aside, she winks and motions for her to be quiet. She proceeds to sneak up on Dal and Lena

Uga Boooga!

As a reaction, Lena fires a fireball at the Lena. The fireball strikes her hard and singes the cloth section of the mask. Lorafine removes the mask and heals herself.

They pull the small chest they found in the fireplace back out and use the small key found on the corpse to open the lock.
Inside they find; 150g, a number of gems and jewelry and a small note.


The party decides that the Tiefling cannot be left alive so Dal remains behind to “take care of things”.
After the rest of the party has exited he pulls out his sword knocks the Tiefling unconscious and then proceeds to behead the Tiefling. Dal grabs the collar from the freshly severed neck and puts it in his satchel.

The party Returns to Galxim to ask him about the note found in Lorafine’s room and the metal collar that Dal took from the decapitated Tiefling.

Galxim explains that the Spell/trinket found in the note is a Teleportation spell, and that it is rather expensive magic.

As to the collar, he tells the party that it is a slave collar. One used by slave owners to keep slaves from disobeying or running away. Removal of the collar would equal certain death. The party asks if he has any idea who the slave could belong to. Galxim tells them that unfortunately there are many within waterdeep that keep slaves. It is looked down on by many but not illegal by any means.

Tailing the Yellow Scorpion
Adventure 10

Rewind, Rewind…

I remember that night…

The party exits the Opera House on the night of Learal’s assassination three days prior.
Dal and Lena Stay close to the assassin and Lorafine is ushered by guards into Learal’s Private coach.

Feeling that his involvement with the party is currently placing him too close to the scrutiny of city officials, and in the ever looming crosshairs of his previous employers network, Gregory decides to pull up his cloak and disappear into the crowd. He needs to hit up his hidden stash of identities and begins to make plans to try and remove the mark that has been placed upon him.

Recovering his belongings from his various hiding places around the city take him the better part of a night. After picking up the last of them he heads back to the safe house. He arrives to find the house empty. He sits down in the living room and begins to come up with plans for how he will move forward. He decides that the added thread of his ex-employer was only putting the party at greater risk, so he would see what he could do apart from them for the time being. Late that night Lorafine, Dal and Lena return. They fill him in on what happened after they were separated.

As the others rush out of the Opera House she stands almost frozen. She was so scared that Elich was going to return that she felt paralyzed even when she knew that her friends needed her assistance.
“I don’t belong here.”
Fae runs from the opera house and wanders the streets of Waterdeep for the better part of an hour before finally finding herself sitting in a dark corner of a tavern. The patrons of the inn are all talking feverously about the events of the opera. Some of them spouting vile things about Learal, and letting loose accusations of corruption and deceit.
“I be glad she’s dead.” One rather unfortunate looking man says to another before spiting on the floor.
Fae leaves the tavern and begins to wander in the direction of the safe house. On the way home she peers into a small home and sees a family sitting down for a late supper. The father smiles at the young daughter as he gives her a large helping of soup. Fae’s thoughts drift back to a simpler time of her time on Redlarch, her fathers farm and the familiar faces of the townsfolk. She begins to become so homesick that she actually starts to feel light headed. On the next block she stops at a stable. There she sees a beautiful horse.
(Enter description of horse here)
She calls out for the owner of the stable. From lodging above the stable a young man “We are closed for the night.” He tells her. Fae begins to cry. “Oh my no, lets not have any of that now. What do you need?” Fae informs him that she would like to buy the horse. They quickly work out a price and soon Fae is riding her new horse down the streets of Waterdeep toward the main gates. A feeling of guilt comes over her and she stops the horse. She turns around and heads back to the safe house.

When she arrives the house is dark. A feeling of relief comes over her as she didn’t think she could bare to leave if she was forced to see them again. She enters the house, goes up to her room. There she writes a quick note:


She tucks the note and the remainder of the gold that was given to the party by Mekarth and exits the safehouse. She mounts her horse, and looks back one last time before heading out of Waterdeep on the long road back to Redlarch.

During her trip back there is a brief moment where she feels as though she is being watched. She scans her surroundings but cannot find anyone.


Shortly after leaving the opera house with the large group of soldiers that were escorting Learal Silverhand, and her would-be assassin, Runa becomes separated from the rest of the party. She only falls slightly behind them but it is enough that she is not with them when they reach the gates of Castle Waterdeep. She watches as the rest of the party is briefly stopped and then passes through the upped security at the gates, but when it is Runa’s time to pass through them, she is stopped and not permitted to continue forward.

She mulls around in the crowd for a short while, trying to think of what to do to meet up with the rest of the party.

She notices that she has attracted the attention of a number of guards. They are talking to each other while pointing in her direction. One guard pulls a parchment from his pocket. The two guards look at it and then at Runa. Soon after the put the parchment away begin walking toward Runa. Assuming that they have been sent by Dal or Lena, she moves forward to greet them. When the guards reach her she is forcibly restrained and shackles are placed around her wrists. When she attempts to struggle against them, one guard pulls out his sword and cracks the pummel hard against the back of her head. Her vision blurs and she falls unconscious as they drag her towards the gates of Waterdeep Castle.

Runa awakens with a fierce headache, and in a pitch-black room. She feels around, to find little more than a thin old bedroll, a bucket and what seems to be a solid wooden door with metal reinforcements. Beyond that she cannot determine where she is. The walls are stone and she can barely hear muffled sounds.

Hours pass and she calls out but gets no answer. She sit quietly in the room waiting. Losing track of time she falls asleep. She awakens not knowing how long it has been, but he is thirtsy and hungry. She begs to use the restroom or for someone to bring her water. But again gets no reply. She begins to fall into despair. What is happening? Where am I? She can’t tell if she is speaking aloud or not. Who cares…

She hears a sound just outside of her door. It is the sound of footsteps then that of a ring of keys. Then the sound of the lock clicking over. The door to her cell opens and the small amount of light that flows in leaves her squinting. In the doorway she sees two silhouettes. One of a towering man in full armor and a cape, the other of a smaller gentleman. The larger man orders the smaller one to chain her up. He grabs he by the wrist and pulls her out of the cell and to a set of shackles that are attached to the wall just out side of her cell.
“How long have you been working for Elich!?” The larger figure yells at her.
“I do not work for Elich.” Runa replies.
He goes on to question her about he involvement with Elich and the attempted assassination of Laeral Silverhand. No matter what Runa tells him he seems unconvinced by her answers. He orders the smaller gentleman to use whatever mean are necessary to get her to talk. He smiles and moves over to a short table nearby. He slowly picks up a number of tools before deciding on one and walks over to Runa.
“Now you must be honest with me girl.” The larger man says to her.
The smaller man takes the tool in his hand and grips it onto Runa’s fingernail.
“Tell me who you are!”
Runa proceeds to tell him exactly who she is. She goes into her troubled past and the betrayal that left her disgraced. He motions for the smaller man to back down.
“I must check the validity of what you have told me.” He and the small man turn to leave, but before they do, Runa pleads for them to not leave her chained to the wall. The larger man orders the smaller one to unchain her and return her to her pitch-black cell. The two men leave and Runa collapses exhaled on the floor of her cell…

Many house pass. Runa drifts in and out of sleep. She is starving and very thirsty. Her body is weak. She hears the door of her cell open once more and the two men appear in the doorway. The smaller one drags her back to the chains.
“Your story checks out. But I don’t understand why you are here. You must not be telling me something.”
He gives her a small bit of acknowledgment, in that it is honorable to try and redeem ones name. But then motions for the smaller man to resume where he had left off with his torture tools. He puts Runa’s fingernail back in the vice.
“You must be honest with me! Where Elich!?” Runa once again excitedly explains that she is not working for Elich. He motions to the smaller gentleman and he proceeds to slowly rip out one of Runa’s Fingernails. He gives out a small squeal of delight but is reprimanded by the larger gentleman.
“You should not find so much pleasure in this line of work.” The smaller gentleman’s expression becomes solemn and he recoils slightly. “Oh, of course. My apologies Captain.”
He leans in to Runa his face right in front of hers, “ What are you doing in Waterdeep?!
She goes on to tell him that she is working for/with Mekarth Horne. And that he has tasked her with trying to find out what is happening in Waterdeep. That her and other members of her party are doing what they can to help keep Waterdeep safe.
A stern look crosses his face and he tells her that he believes her. But that he cannot set her free. Before he leaves he puts her back in her cell, lights a lantern in her room and tells her that he will have food and water delivered.


To be continued later.

Adventure 11


  • Runa wakes up in her cell to the sound of keys in the exterior door
  • Moments later her cell door opens and Torturé stand before her with another guard
  • I have orders to transfer this one Torturé says to the other guard, “Help me prepare her for travel”
  • Torturé and the guard put a dark bag over her head and attach a thin cable sealing the boom of it around her neck
  • They lead her though the prison where Runa hears Torturé inform the Head Guard that Vostar has ordered the tranfer of this prisoner and that Torturé alone is to escort her via carriage
  • “I have not heard such orders?”
  • Runa hears Torturé shuffle a bit and a moment passes
  • “I have the order signed by Vostar himself here”
  • Another moment passes and Runa assumes the other guard reads through the paperwork
  • Runa is relieved to hear that she is being transferred after the progress that she felt she had made in convincing Vostar of her innocence
  • “Yes. Yes his all seems in order. Thank you, feel free to be on your way.”
  • Runa is loaded into the back of a carriage and the door is close behind her
  • Runa tries to determine where she is heading, but with her limited knowledge of Waterdeep and her lack of sight she quickly loses all since of where she is
  • When the carriage finally stops Runa can tell that the sun is setting
    shackled she is pulled forward
  • “Where is Vostar moving me?” Runa asks the guard pulling her forward
  • She gets no response
  • A moment later she feels something connect with the chain between the shackles and her arms are pulled up above her head
    Runa finds herself suspended vertically her bare toes barely able to reach the floor
  • “What is going on?” Runa calls out
  • “Shut your mouth stupid girl”
  • Runa hears the sound of furniture moving
  • “What is going on? Why would Vostar be doing this?”
  • “My orders are simply to bring you here and wait. But… It wasn’t specified how we were to spend out time.”
    Runa could almost feel Torturé’s evil smile growing across his face
    “Are you thirsty girl?”
  • Runa thought for a moment…
  • Worried what the outcome maybe regardless of her answer, she answered truthfully, “Yes.”
  • “I thought you might be”
    A moment passes, The chains relax and Runa feels her feet plant solidly on the ground and the tension on her arm release down to about her chest
  • Runa breathes a sigh of relief, but then her feet are kicked out from under her. She falls hard on the chain still connected to the ceiling above her, almost pulling one of her arms out of socket
  • Pain shoots through her and she cries out
  • As she screams, water is poured over the bag on her face and she gasps hopelessly for air as she tries to breath
  • Runa struggled but each time she tried to get her feet under herself they would be kicked out and more water would be poured over the bag on her head
  • This continued for a few cycles until; finally, Runa’s acrobatic skill and pure strength allows her spin around and gain her footing as Torturé refills his bucket. As he comes back intending to knock Runa off balance again, her keen senses help her anticipate the attack and she dodges Torturé
  • He stumbled foolishly infront of her and she firmly planted a kick right on his ass causing Torturé to fall forward over the waterbucket he was carrying and smash his face into the floor
  • Runa rakes at the hood over her hear tearing it aside
  • Now unblinded she looked around herself
  • Runa finds herself in a dimmly lit warehouse and Torturé is walking in a wide circle around her toward a crank on a wall that is connected to the chain that holds her
  • Runa pulled against the chains with all her might but the iron of the device was old and well crafted and didn’t give
  • “Fight me you pathetic little man!!” Runa shouted at Torturé
  • Torturé just smiled and turned the crank
  • Runas arms lifted above her
  • “Well wouldn’t that be foolish of me?” Torturé snickered
  • Once Torturé felt Runa was once again secure he got her attention
  • He made a show of slowly dragging over a table and then laying out a rolled up piece of leather
  • Runa knew what this was before he opened it. He had already given her this show back in the prison when he was instructed to torture her
  • Torture opened the torture kit and turned to her with sinister glee
  • “Well this will be fun without Vostar her to stop me.”
  • Runa Cried out for help
  • “No one can hear you girl. That is why this place was chosen.”
  • Still she cried out
  • Torturé reveled in her screams and took his time looking over his tools before finally deciding on the one he felt would cause the girl the most distress
  • “Ah yes. This one. You remember this one.” He brandished the pliers he had used on her before. “This time though I think I’ll get the rest of them.”
  • Torturé’s cruel smile disappeared when the front door of the warehouse flew open
  • Runa and spun around to look at the door
  • “Who are you?! you have no business here! Be gone or suffer!” Torturé spat at the large figure in the doorway
  • “What is going on here? I heard cries for help.”
  • Runa cried out, “HELP ME! This man has kidnapped me! He is torturing me and means to kill me!”
  • With that, the large silhouette in the doorway advanced on Torturé
  • Torturé grabbed a knife from his table and ran at the figure
    the two met about 20 feet from where Runa was being held
  • Torturé never had a chance. The big well-dressed gentleman that come to her aid had, in one swipe of a thick cane knocked Torturé so hard that he collapsed motionless to the floor in a pile
  • The man made his way to Runa and unhooked the chain suspending her to the roof from her shackles and Runa collapsed to the floor exhausted
  • “Let us get you out of her girl”
  • He carried her past the body of Torturé and out the front door to a large carriage with two great black horses
  • He opened the door and sat her in the closest seat directly across from another robed man inside the carriage who seemed startled by her sudden appearance
  • The large gentleman moved into the carriage and took a seat next to Runa, closed the door and made a motion for the driver to start
    The new robed stranger looked Runa over
  • “What have we got here?” He said to the big gentleman
  • “The girl was being tortured. I had to do something.”
  • “Of course you did.”
  • The two men in the carriage continued on for a moment, the friendly banter between them soothed Runa
  • The large gentleman looked at Runa and then to his robed companion, “Can you do something about those chains on her wrists?”
  • “oh, but of course.” the robed man answered and moved over to Runa
  • He waved his hands over the shackles and they dropped away
  • Runa noticed the large gentleman cringe at the quick flash of light caused by the spell, obviously disgusted by it
  • She thought to herself that she liked this man. Not only had he saved her but he also didn’t like magic
  • “Thank you” she said as she rubbed her sore writs
  • “Whatever happened? How did you come to be captured by the pitiful excuse for a man?”
  • The three of them talked for a while while they continued along down the streets of Waterdeep
  • Runa recounted the events that led to how she ended up to be in the warehouse
  • With concern in there eyes they turned to Runa, "Where can we take you then? If the City Guard it’s self cannot be trusted?
  • Runa told them the whereabouts of the safe house and about her companions who would be there to help her once they arrived.
  • “Of course dear. You must be parched… can we get you something to drink?”
  • Runa looked over the expensive bottles in the bar section of the carriage, “Oh yes please. I could defiantly use a drink!”
  • The robed figure opened a bottle and poured her a large glass of an wonderfully intoxicating smelling beverage
  • Runa took the bottle and began drinking
  • Just then she noticed the carriage take an unexpected turn away from the route to the safe house… She looked to the two men in the carriage a worried expression on her face (Critical failure roll) and then the world faded from her view…
  • Runa passes out
  • Runa wakes up unable to move on a large pedestal in a crypt

More torture
…more torture
Why are you doing this?
I am Caradoc Podenkirk
…? I don’t know who you are
Cryptic explanation as to why she is being tortured and a very misplaced anger
I was mind controled… Weak Never
Then you… you knocked me down
Noone knocks down Caradoc Podenkirk
…More torture Mind controlled Self inflicted choking,wound cutting, haircutting, etc
Torturé returns

  • I am growing bored of this
  • You seem exhausted too. Why don’t you lay down in this coffin
  • Mind controlled, Runa gets in the wooden coffin
  • Caradoc orders Torturé to nail it shut
  • Runa feels the coffin lifted and slid sideways into a recess in the crypt wall
  • Runa hears them leave and realizes they have truly left her to die in the coffin
  • Still having no control of her body, her mind begins to fall into despair
  • After a short while she feels something in the spell slip/change and Runa begins to feel the forced rigidness of her neck muscles relax
  • Soon Runa has enough control to run her tongue over his lips soothing the dryness and stinging as it finds the deep cut running through it on the upper right side
  • She forces herself to swallow and takes a deep breath
  • Runa screams for help
  • A moment later she hears something not to far away. The muffles not to distant sound of a mans voice and the rattle of chains
  • Terrified of her attackers returning, she keeps silent and the sounds stop
  • Runa breaths a sign of relief and focuses her efforts on escape
  • Over the next few hours Runa slowly regains the use of her neck, right arm and upper torso
  • She tries to press outwardly on the edges of the coffin with her arm and limp shoulder, but is too weak to cause any damage to the coffin
  • She then starts bending at the waist and slamming herself into the side of the coffin
  • Futilely at first, but after the first few attempts she feels the coffin shift in the shelf slightly
  • After a long while the coffin finally scoots too far out over the edge of the shelf and gravity forces it to fall to the floor
  • The fall knocks the air out of Runa’s lungs, but is successful in breaking the coffin
  • She looks around filled with hope of escape
  • Using the one working arm at her disposal, Runa pulls her way around the small crypt looking for a place to hide until she strength fully returns, but realizing that the crypt offered no appropriate hiding places Runa shifts her efforts to escaping the crypt
  • Runa looks up the staircase that leads down to the underground crypt. The end is dark where it bends around multiple times before it reaches the surface
  • Runa begins dragging her limp body up the stairs
  • Every part of her in pain as each wound she forcibly self inflicted upon herself is pulled open as she dragged them along the sharp edges of the finely crafted marble staircase
  • The climb of the staircase is slow and painful, but with each sharp blast of pain Runa feel control over the rest of her body slowly coming back
  • As she rounded the last bend in the staircase and the moons light became visible, Runa had regained almost full control of her upper body and partial control over one of her legs
  • A renewed since of dread filled her though as she turned the corner to see a strong dark iron gate sealing her in
  • She made her way up to it and pulled at the lock that connected the thick chains that sealed the gates doors shut
  • In despair she looked out into the graveyard
  • In the distance she spotted the silhouette of someone creeping around between the many gravestones and crypts
  • Without any options Runa called out for help
  • Her weak voice reached the unknown figure and it stiffened up looking around
  • A moment later it was rapidly moving in her direction
  • Runa became worried that her bad luck was about to continue, but as the hooded shape of a man approached her, and Runa was first able to make out the strangers face, Runa was filled with emotions that almost caused her to pass out
  • The man quickly leaned down, reached through the gate and gently put a hand on her shoulder
  • “Runa? Are you ok?”
  • Runa recognizes him as (INSERT NAME), Runa’s once lover that betrayed her by providing false intel that led Runa to lead a whole group of Dwarves at her command to slaughter and personally cutting Runa down himself as the battle started. Although this was many years ago and she had not seen or heard from him since
  • Runa confused beyond all comprehension simply nods
  • “We need to get you you of here.”
  • (INSERT NAME) picks the ornate lock and removes the chains on the great gate
  • The gate swings open and Runa falls forward
  • (INSERT NAME) catches her and supports her on his shoulder and begins leading her out of the grave yard
  • Runa stumbles along with her heart pounding, her mind a jumble of emotions
  • “Where can I take you?”
  • Runa begins to ask to just be taken to the a guard, but (INSERT NAME) cuts her off saying that he…they cannot go to the guards
  • Runa then begins to tell them of the safe house, but before she can finish he again cuts her off
  • “The less I know the better! What about somewhere public?”
  • Runa directs him to take her to the Slaughtered Calf Inn
  • At their speed and an obviously sneaky path keeping mostly to small alleyways, the trip takes over an hour
  • “Why?” Runa says to him after a long tame walking in silence
  • Runa’s control over he body has almost fully returned at this point, but she was still overly exhausted and too weak to support herself alone, so she continued to accept (INSERT NAME)’s assistance
  • He turns his head so that his hood blocks her gaze from meeting his own and continues leading her through the alleys towards the Inn


  • Lord Sadesh?!
    Unfamilar room
    Sadesh quickly leaves
    Gregory stashes his mask and robe away in a satchel/pouch
    Follow Sadesh upstairs
    Exits uknown room via staircase after sadesh
    open up into Sadesh’s manor
    follow sadesh up to his room
    unsure of invisibility from the exit portal/special following rock combo stay hidden/stealth as best as you can
    Guard on upstairs landing walks right past you as you watch an listen to Sadesh enter him room
    More sure of your invisibility (at least for the time being)
    move to sadesh’s bedroom door and listen for activity within
    “I’m coming. I’m coming.”
    curiosity getting the best of you
    you slip into the room
    Sadesh doesn’t notice the door quickly open or close.
    Sadesh is behind the door of his large armoire
    Gregory move around and hides behind the bed across the room from where sadesh is
    Sedesh closes the door and Gregory notices that the old man is completely naked
    (not an attractive sight…constitution check? )
    Sadesh pivots the armoire out from the wall like you would a heavy door
    on wall behind it there are runes and symbols
    Sadesh begins to speak in elvish
    Sedesh suddenly stops and turns back to the bed looking in Gregory’s direction
    HE quickly makes his way towards Gregory
    quickly Gregory slips under the bed and barely tucks completely in as sadesh shuffles around to a small bedside table. Gregory hears a click
    He peeks out from beneath the bed to see (from behind)
    Sadesh pull open a drawer and pulls out a large velvet lined jewelry box
    he opens it and lifts up a necklace with a golden pendant dangling from it. sadesh tucks away the jewelry box and turns to head back to the symbols on the wall
    Gregory notices the necklace has a large yellow triangular gem in the center of the pendent
    Sadesh resumes speaking in elven
    Sadesh completes his words the room is filled with a bright light and a shimmering portal appears on the wall before Sadesh
    Sadesh enters the portal and moments later the portal disapears
    Alone in sadeshes private chamber,Gregory looks around the room
    but finds nothing of interest easily accessable
    He goes to the bedside table and goes to open the drawer
    He pauses, remembering the click he heard before Sadesh opened the drawer
    taking a moment to run his fingers on the underside of the table he locates a well hidden level and skillfully clicks it over
    Gregory then opens the Drawer
    inside is just the empty jewelry box
    he takes the box, closes the drawer then places the box open on Sadesh’s bed
    The runes on the wall where sadesh had disappeared a few minutes before begin to glow
    Not sure what to do or if he was still invisible Gregory pushes the Armoire back in front of where he knew the portal was about to open
    and headed for the door
    With a loud crack the portal opened and the armoire was thrown forward smashing into sadesh’s large wooden bed (damaging both)
    Gregory watches sadesh exit the portal
    Sadesh enters the room and trips forward over some of the wreckage of the armoire his face turns to a fierce scowl and calls for his guards
    Gregory slips out the door as the guards rush by already alerted by the loud noise caused by the pieces of furniture smashing into each other
    WHO HAS BEEN IN MY ROOM! Sadesh screamed at his guards
    as Gregory looked for an escape he heard the two guards stumbling over their words explaining that no one had entered and that they had been standing/patrolling right outside his door. “It is impossible my lord”
    Gregory pulls out the damaged gem of seeing. Looking for a magically unprotected way out
    thought the gem he sees that all exterior doors and exits have a strange glowing shimmer
    damn! Gregory thinks to himself I had hoped could got out of here with more finesse than last time. oh well.
    Gregory moved to a second story window on the front side of the house that looked over the streets to the city
    Ignoring the magic that he knew what there Gregory opened the window receiving a heavy shock and causing a loud squeal
    he stumbled forward dazed from the shock
    he reaches into his pouch pulls out a greater healing potion pops the cork and takes down the whole of the liquid in one big gulp and lets his legs lead him backwards over the railing on the small ledge outside of the window
    This is gonna hurt, he thinks while he falls stunned 2 stories
    Using his agility he manages to avoid landing on his head, but lands hard on his back collapsing one of his lungs and cracking 3 of his ribs
    Pain surges through his body and he almost loses consciousness, but as quick as the pain came it was gone and a soothing rush flowed through his body
    Gregory stood up took a deep breath. he was still sore but he could feel the potions magic running through him and he quickly moved out of the streets and Sadesh and his two guards made their way to the window
    Gregory blended into the line of foliage across the streets from sadesh’s house and smiled to himself as he listened to Sadesh’s threats to some unknown person.
    “Break into my house! Whoever you are, you’ll regret that! You better run coward! No one gets away from me!
    Gregory turned away and started his way back to the safehouse. Feeling a little better about having the looming threat of Sadesh coming after him as he had now escaped from his house twice. Not such a threat he thought to himself , all the while feeling curiosity as to where the Sadesh’s portal lead…

At the safehouse the party was waiting for Gregory to return from Waterdeep’s Meeting of the Lords
Lena and Laurafine both give Fae advice on how to better control her magic
They both explain to he what magic is to them and how they use it, but Fae makes note that both of her friend use of magic feels different than her own connection to the arcane
Laurafine calls Zee at the Slaughtered Calf Inn
Everything seems fine… Accept that Zee is not sleeping.

Gregory returns
Tells the party all about the Masked Lord meeting and his encounter at Sadesh’s estate
Tells the party about where he believes Runa is
(Vostar mentioned having one of the party in custody, but didn’t think they were behind the attacks on Waterdeep or Learal)
Party decides they will go talk to Vostar to see if they can free or at least confirm Runa’s whereabouts
Decide to use Luarafine’s name as someone that helped save Leareal to get a meeting with Vostar and ideally free her
Lena disguises herself as a personal guard Luarafine
Dal decides to stay behind in case Mekarth or in case anyone is mistaken Runa shows up to the Safehouse
They head off to See Vostar at the White Knight Headquarters
Gregory takes a quick pitstop at Mekarths to drop off the items that He was given to access the Meeting of the Lords
Mekarth is not home but Mekarth’s elderly buttler convinces Gregory to leave the items with him
They reach The White Knight headquarters
They reach out to him, saying they have new
Vostar agrees to see Laurafine
Laurafine confronts Vostar
“You have my friend in custody”
“Indeed. I do.”
“I demand you let her go now.”
“I cannot free her right now, but I can take you to see her.”
Vostar escorts Laurafine to the prison. Refuses to take The rest of the party. “I cannot permit your personal guard into Waterdeep Prison.”
The rest of the party waits
Laurafine and Vostar make their way to where Runa is being held.
Runa is not there…
Vostar inquires with the Head Guard.
“The prisoner was transferred under by your own order Sir.”
Luarafine lashes out vocally at Vostar, but he silences her and turns on the Head Guard outraged
The Guard frantically searches through his desk and provides Vostar with the order Torture had used with Vostar’s signature
Vostar begins an investigation and agrees to let Laurafine’s partners join them.
He sends scouts out to track the carriage that Torture used to transport Runa
The party Pulls Vostar aside and present him with the letter they found in Elich’s desk
They confront him on being involved in the conspiracy and aligned with Elich and the mysterious “C”
The words, “Your army” in the letter create questions for Vostar
They demand explaination, but vostar refuses. Saying that he will deal with it himself, and that who Vostar believes to be the “C” at least deserves a chance to explain things to Vostar personally
The party is unsatisfied with Vostar’s response and tell him so
Vostar’s scouts return with news of the carriage’s last known whereabouts
Vostar offers to assist the party in recovering Runa by assigning them a group of White Knights
The party accepts the assistance and they start out after Runa’s trail
The party attempts to get vostar to come clean one last time, but he seals up telling them that he will share no further information and that he himself is upset with him for withholding potentially vital information with him on the night of Learal’s attempted assassination. but concedes that he cannot blame them fully, as the letter calls into question Vostar’s involvement.
He tells the party that, “…he hopes that, while there are still many unknowns… The party and Vostar, can call each other Allies.”
Vostar comands the assigned White Knights to follow Laurafine’s orders and wishes them luck in finding Runa
The party sets out to find Runa.

The Invisible Carriage
Adventure 12


  • The party is on the trail of Runa
  • The party and their White Knight city guard escort follow clues into the Southward of waterdeep
  • The citizens of the many sections of Southward hide in there house and suspiciously eye the White Knight led caravan
  • The party finds the missing carriage that was used to take Runa out of the prison outside of a dark warehouse via scattered reports of locals and the expert tracker that was sent along
  • The party investigates the warehouse
  • Inside the are able to piece together at least physically everything that occurred within the warehouse
  • Two figures entered
  • One was attached to chains that hung from the ceiling
  • One set of footprints paced around the suspended persons
  • There is a scuffle
    another set of footprints enters and the one not suspended goes to engage it but falls beaten to the ground
  • The new set of foot prints goes to the suspended one and they exit together
  • The then fallen “victim” recovers and leaves via a hidden sewer entrance in the back of the warehouse
  • Outside there is a more confusing tale as to what happens as the tracks are harder to follow outside of the dusty warehouse floor
  • It isn’t until they find someone in the crowd that tells them of hearing great big horses but only seeing the two smaller horse attached to the prisoner transport carriage
  • Using this bit of information the party figures out that a second invisible carriage pulled up at some point and that the last set of footprint originated and left with, presumably Runa via that same invisible carriage
  • The Party decides to tell some of the White Knight soldiers to pursue the unknown person that fled via the sewer
  • Gregory attempts to talk with some locals but in attempting to convince a group of more shady individuals that he is a thief and maybe a friend they dry up and make it obvious they have nothing more to say to him
  • There is narrowly avoided ambush on Gregory and the assailants flee
  • Laurafine and the tracker guard ascertain that the invisible carriage went north and decide to attempt to follow the carriages tracks which is fairly easy in the subpar streets of the Southward
  • They follow the track north and then west bypassing the Southward guard stop and then loose the track at the boarder of Southward where the streets become better paved and more travelled via carriage
  • They canvas the area seeking information form locals
  • One of the guards brings an intoxicated local over to talk to the party
  • “I seem it i did! everyone’s been tellin’ ‘hic’ me that I be mad. But… ‘hic’ I seem it I tell ya.” “Yep”
  • “What did you see?”
  • “Oh, ‘Hic’ yeah… umm (thinks and stumbles) oh yeah. I seen it, a carriage. A fan- ‘Hic’ FANCY one! Appeared right there in the street it did. Great big black horses and green curtains. ‘Hic’”
  • The party continues to question the man, but quickly decide his usefulness has been expended as he became side tracked. Crying to them about the death of his wife just last season"
  • Fae pushes him some crumble cake and he eats it
  • He then begins to sob even harder…
  • “Waaaaaaa, just like good old Bedafred used to make…sob”
  • As the party gets ready to continually track the carriage, Laurafine notices the familiar warmth of the Rockie-talkie awakening in her pocket
  • Loarafine gathers the group and responds to the Rockie-talkie
  • Runa supported by a man who betrayed her and left her for dead stumbles through the streets barely able to stand as the spell holding her rigid fades away from her
  • He is anxious to get her somewhere safe but when she begins to tell him where she lives he stops her
  • “It is better the less I know. Maybe somewhere public instead?”
  • Runa directs him to the Slaughtered Calf Inn
  • Along the way she attempt to begin question him a bit about where he has been and why he betrayed her
  • Through this he kept his silence and avoid any sort of eye contact with her
  • Although filled with emotions at the return of her ex-lover Runa’s condition left her weak and in no condition to press the matter any further
  • As the Slaughtered Calf Inn came into view _______ pulled Runa into an onlooking alley and propped her against a wall
  • “Can you stand”
  • As Runa started to say yes he darted away leaving her alone.
  • Runa looked out for a moment after him, but them started stumbling towards the Inn
    ass she entered the lights of the street patrons on the patio of the Inn noticed the injured girl and rushed to her aid
  • They dragged her into the Inn and began to send a runner for medics and guards
  • Julia Hester ran to see what the commotion was about
  • With Runa’s last bit of concencness she said she was a friend of Lena’s and passed out on the floor.
  • Julia mellowed the onlookers and insisted that she could take care of the girl and that the Inn would take care of her for the night
  • She called for one of the other staff members to help her carry Runa upstairs to Lena’s of bedroom
  • Once Runa was safe in the bed, Julia dressed her wounds the the best of her ability and went to get John Marivaldi from his office
  • They woke Runa and asked he r what happened or what they could do for her
  • Runa wanted to know where the rest of her friends were
  • Julia went and retrieved the Rockie-talkie that was left to her and gave it to Runa
  • “I don’t know how to use this thing”
  • Runa reluctantly took the magical stone and held it firmly in her hand
  • “Hello?” she said not sure how to actually use the magic herself
  • Through the stone Laurafine and the rest of the party replied
  • “Hello? Julia? is everything ok with Zee?
  • “It’s Runa”
  • RUNA” The whole party said
  • “Where (the f*uck) have you been?”
  • “I don’t have time to explain that now, i need to rest. I am at the Slaughtered Calf Inn and I have information.”
  • With that Runa released he grip on the stone and relaxed she could tell Julia and John wanted her to say more but was too exhaused and the soft bed took the last of her willpower away and fell asleep
  • Julia realizing the girls condition blew out the candle and led John out of the room
  • Back in the streets, the rest of the party decided that they needed to ditch their White Knight escort and get back to Runa
  • Laurafine starts acting hysterical and started seeking comfort in with Lena in guard form
  • “I am so overwhelmed. I NEED A DRINK!”
  • With the guards vowing to keep up the hunt for the carriage the party left them and head back to the Slaughtered Calf Inn
  • Back at the Inn, The party is greeted by Zee as they walk into the door
  • Zee runs right up and hugs Laurafine
  • “Is Runa ok?” she asked. “They didn’t think I saw, but I did.”
  • Julia pulls the girl aside, “Yes, Runa is fine, but Luarafine needs to see her right away. I need you to stay down here for now.”
  • With that she leads the party upstairs and outside of Lena’s old room where Runa is sleeping
  • “She is badly injured. It isn’t like anything I have seen before”
  • John speaks up, “What is going on?! First you leave me with Lil’ Zee and don’t tell me anything about who or why. Now half dead women are stumbling through my front door!! What kind of danger are you placing my home in?”
  • The party calms John but Lena is noticeably shaken by her uncles uneasiness.
  • Laurafine goes into the room and look over Runa as she sleeps
  • Julia’s meager first-aid skills don’t do much to hide the horrible wounds
  • Laurafine does her best to sooth and heal Runa with magic as she sleeps
  • Everything but a pale scar that runs down her face from the vicious cut that she was forced to inflict upon herself is completely healed
  • John pulls Lena aside
  • He looks her right in the face
  • “Is this little girl more important than your family?”
  • Lena looks him back and nods, “I think she may be.”
  • “Then…” His gaze drops, “I need to tell you something. I am too ashamed to say it in front of the rest of them.”
  • John explains that Elich has kidnapped his wife, Lena’s Aunt Mae. * He has said that upon threat of death…I horrible death… That if a little girl matching a certain description is brought into the Inn, that he is to light a candle and place it in the window. And that Elich would have eyes on him to make sure he complied
  • He looks back up to Lena
  • “But I couldn’t do it!”
  • He goes on to tell Lena that he fears for his wife well being. He doesn’t know how often the evil wizards eyes are on him, but didn’t know what to do.
  • Again tells her that he is ashamed that he even considered giving the girl over and that he would retire to his room
  • Please, tell the rest of them, but don’t think poorly of me.
  • Lena rejoins the party and relays her uncles dilemma
  • Laurafine is a little angered by John not telling them at once, but thinks on it and her anger dissipates
  • The party sends Gregory to retrieve Dal from the safe house
  • Dal leaves a note for Mekarth telling them where they have all gone
  • (Gregory doesn’t notice… if he did, he would have decided that was a bad idea… but didn’t… because he didn’t notice)
  • Everyone goes to sleep at the Slaughtered Calf Inn
  • Zee Wake Dal up with bacon!
  • Everyone else wakes up
  • Zee and Lena Draw pictures together in one of the rooms while the rest of the party go into talk to Runa
  • Runa recounts where she has been and what happened to her since the night at the opera
  • Lena leaves Zee to go join the rest of the group, she catches the last bit of torture and how Runa came to be a the Inn
  • When the group exits the room Zee runs out to greet them. happy to finally get to see Luarafine and Dal Zee presents them with one of her childlike drawings
  • They look up from the drawing and to each other with worried expressions
  • Depicted on the page is a great horned and winged demon…
  • * ( Something like this: )
    On Zee’s face, a smile.
  • * Side note:*
  • While Dal was alone he went out to spend some of his moneys on getting his sword magially enchanted.
  • He went to the Dwarven Blacksmith Ban Bronzbeards shop and asked about upgrading his sword
  • Bran informed Dal that he unfortuantly is not very good at weapons and can only create basic versions of whatever you might need
  • BUT!
  • That is cousin, Doug Bronzebeard who’s shop is just down the road is a master weaponsmith
  • Dal goes down the road until he finds “Doug’s” shop inside he finds a dwarf that looks and sounds exactly like Bran
  • “What can I do for ye?”
  • Dal explain what he wants
  • Doug explains that he couldn’t do much to alter Dal’s already exceptional blade without potentially damaging the finely crafted silver lining scored on the edge of the blade
  • Dal not knowing that his blade had been permanently enchanted by Lady Blackstaff during the fight agains the Wraith looked in closer and Doug pointed out the fine silver edge to his blade
  • “Oh, um well I guess nevermind. I’m good for now them”
  • “Well if you ever be needin’ ene thin’ ye be letting me know. My cousin likes ya so I’ll give ye a good deal.”

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