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Anyone is welcome to sort these characters as they see fit


  • Malgo Horne /Mal·go Horn/ – Dragonkin, Former Lieutenant of City Guard
  • Mekarth Horne /Meh·karth Horn/- Dragonkin, Malgo’s Grandfather
  • Julia Hester /Jewel·ee·uh Hest·er/- Manager of the Slaughtered Calf Inn


Alignment Unknown:

  • Andris VolantiInstructor at Radryn’s Mage Academy
  • Talya FrostAcademy Student
  • Quenton Chillflute /Quenton Chill’floot/- Teacher at Academy
  • Caradoc PodenkirkMaster Merchant, Owner of Dragon Fire Armory
  • Talya Rastall /Tal·ya Ras·tal/ – Queen of the Courtesans
  • Lord Sedesh Saldagan /Say·desh Sal·dog·an/- Master of Port Waterdeep
  • Jago JadensonFlirty Guard interested in Fae
  • Neil Patrick Carris IIFlirty Guard Interested in Lorafine
  • Niles P. Cassius IIIFlirty Guard interested in Ambrelle
  • Commander Vostar Von Varhis /Vos·tar Von-Var·iss/- Commander of the White Knights of Waterdeep
  • Crith Terravale /See·rith Terra·vale/ – Anti Magic Politicain
  • Elkxandiria “Candy” Eldorafin /El·ich·candi·rah El·doora·fin/- ExMagical Advisor to Learal Silverhand
  • Carolyas Idogyr /Carow·loss Ee·doe·gear/ – Elf Sorcerer With radical views on magic Grey Hands
  • Maddox NighshadeNoble Socialite, Cousin to Elich “The Hunter” Blackblade
  • Countess Cerulean /Se·rule·ee·an/- Heir to the Cerulean Fortune
  • Gizzete LaDonna-Cerulean /Gizz·et La·dah·na Se·rule·ee·an/ – Opera Singer, Wife to Countess Cerulean
  • Amerak Kyre’Kiir /Am·er·ak Kre’Keer/ – Rare Materials Merchant
  • Bran Bronzebeard /Bran Buh-ronze·Beard/ – Dwarven Armor Blacksmith
  • Doug Bronzebeard /Duh’oh’Gu Buh’ronze·Beard/ – Dwarven Weapon Blacksmith
  • Svalbard Drugge /Ss·val·bard Drew·jay/ – Elderly Noble
  • PatrickYoung boy that works at the Inn
  • Torturé /Tour·tur·rey/ – Caradoc Podenkirk’s Torture Budy
  • Wiggin Darkfeather /Whi·gin Dark·fea·thur/ – Skullport Merchant that talks though an Owl
  • Lam Shelbottom /Lamb Sh·el-bot·tum/ – Owner of the golden Goblin
  • Linsi Bruwer /Lin·zee Brew·were/ – Dwarf Hand-Wrestling Champion in Skullport
  • Aetzer Rocktop /Ate·sir Rock·top/ – Dwarf Arena Patron at the Golden Goblin


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