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D&D 5e

House Rules:


  • Initiative of Familiars will always be right after their owners


Inspiration Points:

(This is not currently being used)

  • Each player can have up to 4 inspiration points at any given time
  • You can be awarded an inspiration point for excellent roleplaying by the DM
  • You can be awarded an inspiration point(s) for helping to maintain the Obsidian Portal
  • Arriving on time 3 sessions in a row will award 1 Inspiration Point
  • Inspiration Points can be awarded from one player to the next during play
  • Your Inspiration Points can then be spent in 4 different ways: (Currently)
    • 1 point – You may roll advantage on a check or attack
    • 2 points – You may reroll a failed roll (Cannot be used on Critical Failures)
    • 3 points – You may reroll one of the DM’s Rolls.
    • 4 points – You can force any one check to be a Critical Success! (Cannot be used on Critical Failures)
    • 6 points – You can permanently add +1 to any one Skill you are proficient at.
      • _This can be pooled from multiple players.


Losing Inspiration:

(This is currently not being used)

  • An unexcused absence of a session (without at least 3 days notice to the group) means the loss of 4 Inspiration Points.
    • If you have negative Inspiration, all of your stats and rolls are at a negative equal to your current negative Inspiration. (_Hopefully this never happens =O ! _)
    • Inspiration is returned to 0 after one play session with negatives applied


Acing Damages

(Currently not being used)

  • If you have 2+ Inspiration & Roll 18+ to hit (Base) or 3+ Inspiration & roll 17+ to hit (Base) then…
    • When you roll the highest number possible on a die (a 6 on a d6, an 8 on a d8, and so on), you get to roll that die again (and possibly again) and add it to the total DMG. Any modifiers to the damage roll is added on after adding up all aced rolls

The DM has final say on what is acceptable.
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