Critical Failure

Tailing the Yellow Scorpion

Adventure 10

Rewind, Rewind…

I remember that night…

The party exits the Opera House on the night of Learal’s assassination three days prior.
Dal and Lena Stay close to the assassin and Lorafine is ushered by guards into Learal’s Private coach.

Feeling that his involvement with the party is currently placing him too close to the scrutiny of city officials, and in the ever looming crosshairs of his previous employers network, Gregory decides to pull up his cloak and disappear into the crowd. He needs to hit up his hidden stash of identities and begins to make plans to try and remove the mark that has been placed upon him.

Recovering his belongings from his various hiding places around the city take him the better part of a night. After picking up the last of them he heads back to the safe house. He arrives to find the house empty. He sits down in the living room and begins to come up with plans for how he will move forward. He decides that the added thread of his ex-employer was only putting the party at greater risk, so he would see what he could do apart from them for the time being. Late that night Lorafine, Dal and Lena return. They fill him in on what happened after they were separated.

As the others rush out of the Opera House she stands almost frozen. She was so scared that Elich was going to return that she felt paralyzed even when she knew that her friends needed her assistance.
“I don’t belong here.”
Fae runs from the opera house and wanders the streets of Waterdeep for the better part of an hour before finally finding herself sitting in a dark corner of a tavern. The patrons of the inn are all talking feverously about the events of the opera. Some of them spouting vile things about Learal, and letting loose accusations of corruption and deceit.
“I be glad she’s dead.” One rather unfortunate looking man says to another before spiting on the floor.
Fae leaves the tavern and begins to wander in the direction of the safe house. On the way home she peers into a small home and sees a family sitting down for a late supper. The father smiles at the young daughter as he gives her a large helping of soup. Fae’s thoughts drift back to a simpler time of her time on Redlarch, her fathers farm and the familiar faces of the townsfolk. She begins to become so homesick that she actually starts to feel light headed. On the next block she stops at a stable. There she sees a beautiful horse.
(Enter description of horse here)
She calls out for the owner of the stable. From lodging above the stable a young man “We are closed for the night.” He tells her. Fae begins to cry. “Oh my no, lets not have any of that now. What do you need?” Fae informs him that she would like to buy the horse. They quickly work out a price and soon Fae is riding her new horse down the streets of Waterdeep toward the main gates. A feeling of guilt comes over her and she stops the horse. She turns around and heads back to the safe house.

When she arrives the house is dark. A feeling of relief comes over her as she didn’t think she could bare to leave if she was forced to see them again. She enters the house, goes up to her room. There she writes a quick note:


She tucks the note and the remainder of the gold that was given to the party by Mekarth and exits the safehouse. She mounts her horse, and looks back one last time before heading out of Waterdeep on the long road back to Redlarch.

During her trip back there is a brief moment where she feels as though she is being watched. She scans her surroundings but cannot find anyone.


Shortly after leaving the opera house with the large group of soldiers that were escorting Learal Silverhand, and her would-be assassin, Runa becomes separated from the rest of the party. She only falls slightly behind them but it is enough that she is not with them when they reach the gates of Castle Waterdeep. She watches as the rest of the party is briefly stopped and then passes through the upped security at the gates, but when it is Runa’s time to pass through them, she is stopped and not permitted to continue forward.

She mulls around in the crowd for a short while, trying to think of what to do to meet up with the rest of the party.

She notices that she has attracted the attention of a number of guards. They are talking to each other while pointing in her direction. One guard pulls a parchment from his pocket. The two guards look at it and then at Runa. Soon after the put the parchment away begin walking toward Runa. Assuming that they have been sent by Dal or Lena, she moves forward to greet them. When the guards reach her she is forcibly restrained and shackles are placed around her wrists. When she attempts to struggle against them, one guard pulls out his sword and cracks the pummel hard against the back of her head. Her vision blurs and she falls unconscious as they drag her towards the gates of Waterdeep Castle.

Runa awakens with a fierce headache, and in a pitch-black room. She feels around, to find little more than a thin old bedroll, a bucket and what seems to be a solid wooden door with metal reinforcements. Beyond that she cannot determine where she is. The walls are stone and she can barely hear muffled sounds.

Hours pass and she calls out but gets no answer. She sit quietly in the room waiting. Losing track of time she falls asleep. She awakens not knowing how long it has been, but he is thirtsy and hungry. She begs to use the restroom or for someone to bring her water. But again gets no reply. She begins to fall into despair. What is happening? Where am I? She can’t tell if she is speaking aloud or not. Who cares…

She hears a sound just outside of her door. It is the sound of footsteps then that of a ring of keys. Then the sound of the lock clicking over. The door to her cell opens and the small amount of light that flows in leaves her squinting. In the doorway she sees two silhouettes. One of a towering man in full armor and a cape, the other of a smaller gentleman. The larger man orders the smaller one to chain her up. He grabs he by the wrist and pulls her out of the cell and to a set of shackles that are attached to the wall just out side of her cell.
“How long have you been working for Elich!?” The larger figure yells at her.
“I do not work for Elich.” Runa replies.
He goes on to question her about he involvement with Elich and the attempted assassination of Laeral Silverhand. No matter what Runa tells him he seems unconvinced by her answers. He orders the smaller gentleman to use whatever mean are necessary to get her to talk. He smiles and moves over to a short table nearby. He slowly picks up a number of tools before deciding on one and walks over to Runa.
“Now you must be honest with me girl.” The larger man says to her.
The smaller man takes the tool in his hand and grips it onto Runa’s fingernail.
“Tell me who you are!”
Runa proceeds to tell him exactly who she is. She goes into her troubled past and the betrayal that left her disgraced. He motions for the smaller man to back down.
“I must check the validity of what you have told me.” He and the small man turn to leave, but before they do, Runa pleads for them to not leave her chained to the wall. The larger man orders the smaller one to unchain her and return her to her pitch-black cell. The two men leave and Runa collapses exhaled on the floor of her cell…

Many house pass. Runa drifts in and out of sleep. She is starving and very thirsty. Her body is weak. She hears the door of her cell open once more and the two men appear in the doorway. The smaller one drags her back to the chains.
“Your story checks out. But I don’t understand why you are here. You must not be telling me something.”
He gives her a small bit of acknowledgment, in that it is honorable to try and redeem ones name. But then motions for the smaller man to resume where he had left off with his torture tools. He puts Runa’s fingernail back in the vice.
“You must be honest with me! Where Elich!?” Runa once again excitedly explains that she is not working for Elich. He motions to the smaller gentleman and he proceeds to slowly rip out one of Runa’s Fingernails. He gives out a small squeal of delight but is reprimanded by the larger gentleman.
“You should not find so much pleasure in this line of work.” The smaller gentleman’s expression becomes solemn and he recoils slightly. “Oh, of course. My apologies Captain.”
He leans in to Runa his face right in front of hers, “ What are you doing in Waterdeep?!
She goes on to tell him that she is working for/with Mekarth Horne. And that he has tasked her with trying to find out what is happening in Waterdeep. That her and other members of her party are doing what they can to help keep Waterdeep safe.
A stern look crosses his face and he tells her that he believes her. But that he cannot set her free. Before he leaves he puts her back in her cell, lights a lantern in her room and tells her that he will have food and water delivered.


To be continued later.


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