Character Tier Descriptions

Tier 1) Basic non-combatants only dangerous to fighters in numbers.
– Untrained Large Dogs
– The Farmer’s Daughter, and Born Victims or Fodder.
– Poor Helpless Beggers, Kobolds, Halfling Dirt Farmers, Gnomes Cobblers.
– Skeletons, Rotted Shambler Zombies / Slow Fodder Undead.

Tier 2) Things trained individuals can handle one or two at a time.
– Average Human with minimal combat training.
– Feral “Runner” or “Fresh” Zombies / Ghouls.
– Trained Goblin Hunter OR The Worge it’s riding on.
– Trained Halfling Burgler.
Tier 3) Characters that need to be taken very seriously in a fight.
– Professional Warriors or Raiders.
– Orc or other Brute-Race Warriors.
– Guards & Most Mercenaries.
– That big scarey bouncer who told you not to touch the strippers.

Tier 4) Shit that can make a brave mortal man run the other way.
– Mortal Weapons Masters. (The Lancelot; famous guy who never loses a duel)
– Hedge-Wizard capable of an explosive ‘Fireball’ or throwing Lightning.
– Cleric capable of raising recently dead – at prohibitive or crippling cost.
– A “Large” Dragon, the size of a large horse.
– An Ogre or Troll, or other Minor Giant-Kin.
– The Average D&D Succubus or Diva.
– Warrior with a legendary sword. (Excalibur or ‘Dawn, Sword of House Dayne!’)

These first three tiers are pretty much automatically A-Okay “levels of Power.” These tiers are the bread and butter of fantasy settings. While they may be OOCly welcome, players are allowed to act adversely to the presence of exotic characters (including my own drow!) at their own preference, regardless of if it is on the above list or not. This, under no circumstances makes them “safe” to play!

These fourth Tier requires a level of tact, self-control and timing to integrate fairly into other people’s RP experience. The next two tiers are largely included for reference only unless being used in private or plot-related RPs and don’t belong in the average tavern or city street scene — and have little place unless included as brief cameos, or agreed upon story-lines.

Tier 5) Shit that should make you piss your pants.
– Ageless Chosen of a Diety.
– 12-foot tall, 1600lbs Giant.
– Massive Dragon Capable of quickly eatting you with little or no chewing.
– Planeswalking Champion of a God or Goddess.
– Arch-Mages Who Can Flatten The Tavern Or Village With One Great Spell.
– Famous, Powerful, Legendary or other Named Demon Lords or Fiends.
– Liches & Other Semi-Immortals or otherwise ‘Cursed’ with Immortality.
– Arch-Angels or other famous / legendary celestial entity.

Tier 6) Shit you should only hear in legend and (un)holy books.
– Arch-Fiends, Dukes of Hell, Demon Princes, Son of Zeus.
– Demi-Gods or characters with more unique ‘powers’ then spells.
– Other Entities capable of re-making portions of Reality at a whim.
– Characters whom routinely ignore laws of physics and magic classification.

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Character Tier Descriptions

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